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May/June 2013


  • Hi-Tech Studio: Wireless Flash

    Untether your lighting from your camera for complete control on location

    Technology advancements have taken off-camera flash from alchemy and guesswork to lighting science.
  • May/June 2013

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • Misinformation: Camera Tech

    Dedicated black-and-white cameras offering heightened resolution over color

    An interesting fact about camera sensors is that they actually capture image information in black-and-white only.
  • Street Shooters

    Catch the decisive moments like a modern Cartier-Bresson with a dedicated street camera

    Street photography was first made famous by Henri Cartier-Bresson and his focus on movement and the typical Parisian.
  • Ultimate-Resolution Cameras

    When it comes to resolution, for most pros some is good, more is better and too much is just right

    There's more to image quality than just pixel count; color reproduction, dynamic range and low-light/high-ISO performance quickly come to mind.


  • George Steinmetz: The Man In His Flying Machine

    George Steinmetz has taken to the air to present views of inaccessible and rare locales around the world

    Beverly Hills-born, N.J.-based photographer George Steinmetz admits that even he can get a bit unhinged by the dizzying heights he attains in the man-in-the-flying-machine contraption—a motorized paraglider—he uses to photograph places inaccessible by traditional aircraft.
  • Rodney Smith: Old School With A Modern Twist

    Rodney Smith’s timeless photography is instantly recognizable. He explains how and why he shoots film, and how his study of theology plays a role in his whimsical images.

    The greatest test for a photograph is if the two-dimensional image imbedded in its fibers can stand the test of time.


  • Dividing The Frame

    Go beyond the Rule of Thirds to create dynamic compositions with layers of depth and elements of interest

    The four most important lines of any image are the ones that are often least recognized consciously: the frame itself.
  • DPP Solutions: Blog It!

    Try this simple method for exporting photos directly from Lightroom to a WordPress blog

    I'm a photographer, and I blog. This means that I often use a lot of my own images on my blog posts.
  • Heresy In Library Organization

    Keep track of an ever-expanding digital archive by getting things right from the start

    Scanning the horizon, there are so-called workflow tutorials everywhere you look.
  • Old School For The New School

    An analog wet-plate processing primer for digital photographers

    In the age of Instagram, it's not too surprising to find a growing movement of photographers looking for a more meditative approach to image-making.


  • Make An Impression

    The 11 secrets to creating a successful online photo portfolio

    At PhotoShelter, we like to use this analogy to explain how people perceive the experience of interacting with a website in ways that you may not realize or expect.
  • Visioneer’s Gallery: Ladies And Gentlemen...The Beatles

    The Bob Bonis archive shows the revolutionary group in their rare unscripted moments

    Fifty years ago, a band of four young boys from Liverpool, England, landed on the U.S. soil with such powerful force that an overnight movement was unleashed that's still influencing music, culture and society today.

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