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November 2009


  • Comparing Photosites

    In the race for higher resolution, there are trade-offs with image quality. It all comes down to the limits of the image sensors and the individual photosites on those sensors.

    Ever since the first digital cameras appeared, there has been a quest for more pixels. In large part, that’s because the more pixels an image contains, the finer detail it can present and the bigger we can blow it up before the pixels become visible to the eye.
  • DPP Solutions: Defeating Dust

    What you need to know about cleaning your sensor

    Dust is everywhere—even inside your camera where it doesn’t belong. Dust that collects on the imaging sensor can cause tiny blotches to appear on your images.
  • First Look: Canon EOS 7D

    This new midrange D-SLR features the most megapixels and fastest shooting rate in its class—plus full HD video at three frame rates

    Canon’s new EOS 7D fits into the line between the 15.1-megapixel EOS 50D and full-frame, 21.1-megapixel EOS 5D Mark II. Despite its single-number designation, the 7D features an APS-C sensor (the same 1.6x factor as the EOS 50D and predecessors), not a full-frame like the 5D Mark II.
  • First Look: Nikon D300S

    Building on the popular D300, Nikon’s latest DX-format (APS-C-sized image sensor) camera adds HD video among other features

    When it launched in 2007 alongside the D3, the Nikon D300 took photography by storm. The latest evolution in the camera is the new D300S, which builds on the technology and adds HD video capability. The new D-Movie mode shoots 1280x720p at 24 fps and delivers the coveted cinematic look when shooting video clips.
  • Misinformation: Video Tech

    Finding a resolution for video-capable cameras isn’t easy

    Although 1080p has all of the buzz in the HD video world, it’s not necessarily the best format to be using. 720p offers some distinct advantages for a lot of photographers.
  • November 2009

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • Will Full-Frame D-SLRs Take Over The World?

    DPP talks to several photographers who weigh in on the future of full-frame, APS-C and medium-format technology and the potential for professionals

    Since D-SLRs started to meet the needs of professional photographers, there has been a call for full-frame models.


  • Jose Manuel Vidaurre: Making A Splash!

    In mastering the art of stopping liquids in motion, advertising photographer Jose Manuel Vidaurre fills a unique niche

    A Coca-Cola bottle explodes, soda splattering all around. Two glasses collide with the beer inside, each spilling into the other for a lively, frothy toast.
  • Phil Hawkins: Patience And Persistence

    Phil Hawkins is a multifaceted, modern-day professional photographer, working the local area for all it’s worth while producing his own fine-art nature imagery

    Phil Hawkins has taken the potential of modern digital photography and run with it.
  • Ryan Schude: A Novel In Every Frame

    As his career takes off, Ryan Schude exemplifies the youth movement in photography as a visual storyteller using all of the digital tools at his disposal

    If you want to get rich and famous as a photographer, you’d better get started, ASAP. That’s the do-it-yourself mentality that Ryan Schude put into practice in order to kick-start his young career.


  • Hi-Tech Studio: Using Sound In Multimedia

    As photographers gear up to make more HD video and multimedia productions, there are quick and simple ways to add sound to your work to make it more polished and professional

    Photographers who make a move into creating multimedia presentations or shoot HD video with one of the impressive HD video D-SLRs will embark on a whole new art form, and very quickly you’ll find that it goes beyond the moving image.
  • Noise: Lose It, Part II

    Reducing chrominance and luminance noise at capture

    Knowing the type and kind of noise produced will help guide you to solutions to reduce it.


  • Color Space In Black-And-White

    What is a color space, which options are best to use, and how can you make your own custom profiles to get the most out of your chosen color space?

    The subject of color space in digital photography seems to attract lots of controversy and very little consensus, which is unfortunate considering just how important your choice of color space is when it comes to producing the best photographic images.


  • Get It In Writing

    A lawyer’s secrets to better contracts

    It’s a universal truth that economic downturns bring increased litigation as people attempt to minimize the liability they have under contracts.
  • Vision To Visuals

    Work of an Indian artist revealed

    I grew up in India at a time when its identity was still symbolized by craftsmanship and cottage industries, and not by Internet technology or outsourcing centers.
  • Worlds In Collision

    What the intersection of still photography and HD video capture means for camera technology and the photographers who use it

    The audience in the screening room at the Collision Conference: Where Stills and Motion Collide had just witnessed history.
  • Your Total Website Solution

    For conducting business on the web and giving you the ability to “make money while you sleep,” there are a number of excellent options for pros

    As a pro photographer, you have different priorities for using the web as a base for your images compared to amateurs.

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