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November 2013


  • Can A Pro Go Mirrorless?

    Like the transition from Speed Graphics to 35mm film and SLRs, today’s pros might consider making a full switch to a mirrorless system. Before you scoff at the notion, take a rational look at the advantages and disadvantages.

    Mirrorless cameras have become increasingly popular.
  • Hacking Your DSLR

    You can get increased performance and impressive capabilities if you’re willing to negate your warranty and risk turning your camera into a paperweight

    Hacks for DSLRs started to become a popular topic among motion shooters.
  • Hi-Tech Studio: Fast, Pro CF Cards

    If you’re not using the right memory card, you’re truncating the power of your DSLR

    The trend today in higher-end DSLRs is to provide two media slots, but the pro models still rely primarily on CompactFlash cards because of their speed and capacity capabilities.
  • November 2013

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • Portrait Lighting Essentials

    Rembrandt, Split, Glamour and Loop lighting for the core of any portrait photographer’s tool kit

    The art of portrait lighting is the art of bringing out the essence of an individual.


  • Mark Edward Harris: The Omnivorous Explorer

    Mark Edward Harris is part historian, part explorer, and a photographer through and through

    What may be less familiar, however, are the details of Harris' 20-plus years as a globetrotting documentary and travel photographer.
  • Xi Sinsong: Fashionably Young

    Just starting her career, Xi Sinsong is producing work refined beyond her years

    Xi Sinsong is a fascinating fashion photographer. She uses the same lighting, camera and computer tools as anyone else might and yet her work is clearly special. Her photographs, while technically exceptional, aren't about technique.


  • Controlling Blur Effects

    Guide the viewer through your images by controlling sharpness

    Photographers use blur (or bokeh) for a variety of reasons: to simulate depth of field, to add interesting visual artifacts, to simplify them and to change the quality of their expression.
  • Tone Curves

    This often misunderstood control is as much about brightness as contrast

    I recently read one popular author's introduction to his chapter on the Lightroom Tone Curve, and he started out by saying that with the improvements in the 2012 Process Version, the Tone Curve was basically outdated.


  • Misinformation: Relevance

    As images get more commoditized, pro photographers play a more important role than ever

    A friend emailed that comparison to me, and it prompted me to rant a bit about a fundamental change I've noticed in photography.
  • Pay Attention To The Details

    The social world of the Internet gives pros a lot of benefits, but you need to understand the Terms of Use to understand what rights you’re giving up

    In the course of setting up an online account, I was presented with a license agreement spanning 24 screens.
  • Visioneer's Gallery: Richard Corman & Icons

    Creating timeless prints for the new millennium

    Richard Corman is a rare breed of photographer whose work varies widely in style and subject matter, yet it's always intensely focused on the human spirit.

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