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November/December 2004


  • Al Satterwhite - Fields Of Color

    Al Satterwhite made his mark with saturated color design. His refusal to be categorized has allowed him to leave it virtually everywhere.

    Not surprisingly, Al Satterwhite was an army brat. Born in Biloxi, Miss., his childhood followed the postings of his army father—to Germany, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, Georgia and eventually Florida—resulting in an imagination rooted less in place than the possibility of places. His photographic career has been no less peripatetic.

  • John Paul Caponigro - Caponigro On Caponigro

    The renowned fine-art photographer and digital technology master goes one-on-one with himself in an exclusive DPP interview

    I do this professionally with other artists, so why can't I do it with myself? What's an interview? Questions and answers. I can ask questions. I can answer them. I love good questions and the insights they can bring. Questions lie at the heart of my work. My work is a product of asking questions, and it raises questions for those who see it.

  • Maki Kawakita - Tokyo Kabuki-Pop!

    Maki Kawakita's dynamic images are high concept and high fashion. Her rapid rise in photography stems from bold originality and boundless imagination.

    Some photographers just make you step back and marvel at their images. Right at the top of that list are those who first picked up a camera only a few years ago and have already achieved great commercial success, as well as a refined per­sonal style that allows them to fully express their own singular artistic vision. That's Maki Kawakita.


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