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September/October 2004


  • Fabrik Studios - It's Still Photography

    Even with the latest digital tools on hand, Fabrik Studios relies on old-fashioned skills to make magic happen

    The photographers who comprise Fabrik Studios walk a fine line between art and commerce. Thanks to a proven track record, this trio of photographers, plus one digital imaging expert, is given the freedom to get creative—and often artistic and abstract as well—on most assignments with the products they're hired to photograph. Although they divide their time between two continents, the Fabrik team efficiently makes extraordinary images that clients not only want to publish, but want to display on their own walls.

  • Markus Klinko & Indrani - Galactic Fashion

    The collaborative team of Markus Klinko & Indrani does glamour and fashion with a special edge

    Partners in life as well as creativity are rare indeed. There are plenty of examples where one person focuses on the creative work while the other half of the team handles the financial and promotional side. Markus Klinko and Indrani are a unique team in which both partners drive the creativity of their projects, culminating in cutting-edge imagery that's evocative and dynamic.

  • Vincent Laforet - Improbable Reality

    Vincent Laforet's photographs are rarified, captured milliseconds caught in an artist's light

    In a career that has spanned a variety of photographic genres, Vincent Laforet has been privileged to witness extra-ordinary events across the globe and close to home. From sports shooter to news photographer to fine artist, his talents and opportunities have allowed him to excel in every aspect of photography he has explored. As a devoted digital photographer, he's eager to see the technology continue to advance in capability and usefulness.


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