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September/October 2009


  • Beyond the D-SLR

    For professionals, there are times when the modern D-SLR isn’t the camera that will get the job done

    While the lion’s share of professional photography is made with conventional, 35mm-type D-SLRs, there are still plenty of situations when a different kind of camera is called for.
  • Have Light Will Travel

    Joe McNally is one of the greatest at location lighting. Known for traveling with a minimal kit, he pulls off shots that are masterpieces of technique and artistry.

    In his new book, The Hot Shoe Diaries: Big Light from Small Flashes (New Riders Press, 2009), Joe McNally gives a series of examples and then describes how he got the shot.
  • Misinformation: Lighting Tech

    In a time when fewer pros have their own studio space, a compact lighting system can give you the options and versatility to get the job done anywhere

    In an economic slowdown, photographers look to cut costs as much as possible.
  • September/October 2009

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • The High-Tech Camera Bag

    Balancing protection for your valuable gear with functionality requires innovative high-tech solutions

    If you’re carrying your digital camera in an antiquated bag, it’s time to upgrade.


  • Andy Katz: Oenophilia

    With his deep-rooted connection to wine country and the vineyard lifestyle, Andy Katz has staked out a successful niche capturing all aspects of these romanticized and idyllic locales

    Through his lens, Andy Katz has uncorked some of that poetry, bringing the majesty and serenity of some of the world’s most expressive vineyards to light.
  • Douglas Dubler: Fine Art & Commerce

    Douglas Dubler brings an artist’s sensibilities to every job he gets

    Fashion photographer Douglas Dubler has managed to blend his fine-art aesthetic into his daily work projects.
  • Douglas Kirkland: From 8x10 To Digital And Back

    In an illustrious career that has spanned more than four decades, Douglas Kirkland has always embraced new technology. So why is he using an 8x10 view camera and film for some of his current work?

    Canadian-born, Hollywood-based Douglas Kirkland began his photography career long before digital photography was even a concept.
  • Frans Lanting: The Life Pursuit

    Frans Lanting’s Albatross project provides not only an amazing record of a flying legend, but also a guide for photographers interested in pursuing their own life’s work

    Setting out on a lifelong photographic project is a daunting task no matter what you’re going to shoot. That’s why Frans Lanting didn’t set out on a lifelong project.


  • Dialing In Skin Tone

    A wedding professional has some sage advice and techniques for mastering elusive skin tones

    For fashion, beauty, portrait and wedding photographers, the advent of digital photography has been a godsend.
  • Noise: Lose It, Part I

    Eliminate noise at the source

    Noise happens. There’s always some degree of noise present in any electronic device that receives or transmits a signal.


  • Revolutionary Art

    An exhibition aims to help viewers see the world differently

    When an artist decides to confront complex social issues and express them publicly using a visual platform, we can’t help but be pushed out of our comfort zones and face the troubling aspects of our society, which we inadvertently shelve away from our lives.
  • The Treatment

    As photographers morph into the world of motion-picture video, presenting a client with a brief but complete description of the project, whether still photography, video or both can mean the difference between getting the gig or missing out

    There’s nothing more embarrassing than moving up the career ladder and sitting in a room with your new peers, not understanding a single thing that they’re saying to you.

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