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September/October 2010


  • Continuous Lights For Still & Video

    As you explore the possibilities of shooting video with DSLRs to augment your still work, a different kind of lighting solution might be in order

    We’ve been doing a lot on video since the first DSLRs that could shoot HD video exploded onto the scene.
  • DPP Solutions: Sweep Panorama

    A feature found on many consumer cameras can be useful for pros looking to add a different perspective to their stock library

    In photography, a surprising amount of technology actually trickles up from amateur gear to equipment a pro uses.
  • Hi-Tech Studio: Old-School HDR

    Long before Photoshop was invented, photographers used graduated ND filters to balance a high-contrast scene. Today, they’re still sometimes the best tool for the job.

    With all of the buzz about HDR software in the last few years, it can be easy to think that the notion of being able to render a high-contrast scene in a photograph was only addressed when Photoshop came along.
  • Lens Tech: Specialty Lenses For DSLR-Shooting Pros

    For every job, there’s a perfect tool. Most photography can be handled by your core set of glass, but every once in a while, you need something different. These lenses don’t come out of your bag every day, but when you need one, nothing else will do.

    Digital image manipulation has stolen a lot of the thunder from old-fashioned optics.
  • Misinformation: Camera Tech

    Some healthy competition is good for business

    Recently, RED Digital Cinema’s mercurial CEO Jim Jannard took to the RED forums to respond to a post asking if the company would ever go “head to head” with the DSLR market.
  • September/October 2010

    New Tools Of The Trade


  • Ina Sotirova: Synchronistic Style

    Ina Sotirova gives a thoroughly unique look to all of her work by letting the individual concept and the project dictate the visual style

    A professional photographer’s style is an evolved and refined reflection of his or her persona as demonstrated in choice of subjects, lighting, methods and perspectives.
  • Lynn Goldsmith: In The Looking Glass

    Lynn Goldsmith challenges identity and perception with a body of self-portraits that she has been creating, assembling and crafting for more than 10 years

    Lynn Goldsmith is world-famous as a rock ’n’ roll photographer, but that’s just one of her identities.
  • Stacy Pearsall: Boots On The Ground

    As a member of the U.S. Air Force, Stacy Pearsall’s job in Iraq was to show the reality of combat and to tell the stories of her fellow soldiers. She carried a camera and a firearm, and her photographs give us a unique and rare glimpse of the war.

    Roger Fenton and Felix Beato could be considered the first combat photographers for their coverage of the Crimean War in the 1850s.


  • Master Your Image Library

    Working on location, travel and generally being mobile require you to rethink how you can best manage your image library for maximum access

    To merge, or not to merge. That is the question. Imagine a time in the not-so-distant future when you truly have just one window into your entire digital photo library.
  • Reduce Noise With Multiple Shots

    Use Photoshop Layer Stacks to clean up an image

    Got noise in one exposure? Make a bunch of exposures and watch the noise disappear.
  • The End Of Film Capture, The Future Of Film Archives

    Frans Lanting had a large archive of film images when he made the transition to digital capture. The National Geographic photographer describes how he made that transition and how his film images continue to play a major role in his studio.

    When Frans Lanting first clicked his shutter on assignment in the late 1970s, he began a prolific photographic journey that would take him around the world for more than 25 years creating hundreds of thousands of images—all on film.


  • Photoshop CS5: What’s In It For You

    As the newest update to the pro standard enters the creative marketplace, we look at how some of the new features will affect professional photographers

    For professional photographers, having the latest version of Photoshop is a good idea.


  • 5 Tips For Avoiding The Rights Grab

    Get exposure for your work without losing ownership of it

    Read the terms and conditions of just about any contract, website and even some venues, and it’s almost inevitable that you’ll find some form of the "rights grab." Even doing something as seemingly innocuous as posting images on social media can result in a "rights grab."
  • Vision To Visuals: Feed The Models!

    Jane Gennaro’s extraordinary project to highlight the bizarre and troubling state of today’s fashion models

    These opening lines from “Feed the Models!” a monologue performed on NPR’s “All Things Considered” by artist Jane Gennaro, are the genesis of her solo exhibition that Duggal helped launch at the World Monuments Fund Gallery in New York City last month.

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