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September/October 2011


  • Accessories For A Minimalist

    The essential equipment for those who aspire to lightening up

    Minimalism is the process of stripping something down to the most fundamental elements.
  • DSLRS For The Minimalist

    Dig into the lower-priced, but highly capable cameras that are available, and you may find that they fit your style and workflow. Top-of-the-range cameras aren’t necessarily the best tools for every professional photographer.

    At DPP, we've had the same discussion ever since the magazine started.
  • Hi-Tech Studio: Daily Drivers

    Big on style and capability, these cameras are the ideal off-duty tools when you don’t want to carry the big DSLR

    As pro photographers, we work with some complex, sophisticated gear because our livelihoods depend on it, but we seldom want to cart around our capable, but bulky "A" camera all the time.
  • Misinformation: Camera Tech

    Exciting new developments in computational photography may render aperture irrelevant

    In early July, researchers at Cornell University were able to develop a lens-free camera that's literally pinhead-sized.
  • September/October 2011

    New Tools Of The Trade


  • Brian DeMint: Deliberate Dissonance

    A big fish in a small pond, Brian DeMint takes an unconventional approach to fashion photography in Small Town, USA

    It's suppertime when Brian DeMint returns from his 12-hour swing shift at a rural Missouri power plant—unless, of course, he's working the overnight.
  • Michael Crichton: Kinetic Still Life

    Graphic, minimalist and having a penchant for deconstruction, Michael Crichton transforms the mundane into something unexpected

    Product photography isn't what you'd call exciting. You aren't working with gorgeous models, you aren't traveling the world, and you aren't partying with rock stars.
  • Michael Kenna: The Photograph As Sense Memory

    Michael Kenna’s subdued black-and-white imagery offers respite from the world, for photographer and viewer alike

    When Michael Kenna was a boy growing up in the small industrial town of Widnes, England, he hid pieces of paper around his house, his neighborhood and the local park.


  • Creative Sharpening

    Use Unsharp Mask for artistic effects

    Precise sharpening can improve almost any image.
  • DPP Solutions: AV File Formats

    As you get into multimedia, the alphabet soup of file formats can be confusing. Here’s a quick reference guide to common file types.

    The following is an annotated list of the data file types you may encounter while working with audio/video recorders and editing systems.
  • DPP Solutions: Get Connected

    A quick guide to the interfaces for video and audio that you’ll encounter as you get into working with motion

    Connecting a DSLR to a peripheral used to be simple.
  • The RAW File Shuffle

    How to keep organized and sane when you’re working and reworking your RAW files

    Adobe Photoshop has been around for 21 years now. Given that, I think it's safe to say that we're finally dealing with an adult. For the better part of that 21 years, Photoshop was the place where you went to work on, to crop, to color-correct or to manipulate, more or less, one image at a time.


  • Under Fire

    In an era of “cell phone” photojournalism, does the professional photographer still have a role?

    During the recent uprisings in the Middle East commonly referred to as the Arab Spring, the people of the region were able to circumvent censorship and bring governments to their knees, thanks in large part to cell phone and mobile digital technology.
  • Vision To Visuals: Audacity!

    A multimedia artist who embodies zest for living

    Fashion photography and wildlife photography are such distinctly different genres that to imagine the two together in a single frame, one must attempt to reconcile the paradoxical imagery of fashion models in glamorous urban studios against the thrilling scenes of wild beasts in their natural habitats.

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