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Caesar Lima

What's the story behind this portrait?
I wanted to shoot a steampunk portrait with some crazy headpiece. The sculptor Mark Silka is a very close friend. I told him I wanted something bizarre with the feeling of pain and anger. Something beautiful, but at the same time ugly. We chose human elements like the "eye" and a few photographic elements like the lens. We were looking for an old school industrial look like "the mechanical brain" as if it was the future of the past. Silka nailed the design. It is a piece of art.

Why do you like to shoot portraits?

Portraits are always a challenge. You need lots of expression, mood and attitude. You want to tell a story and make people wonder.

What do you think makes a great portrait?
It's the ability to make the viewer stare at the photograph and try to understand it. You need to move your subject out of their comfort zone. And every good portrait needs a visual "punch".
Whose portrait work do you especially admire or feel influenced by? 
I love the simplicity of Richard Avedon, the fantasy of Annie Leibovitz, the color and texture of Steve McCurry and the sensuality of Herb Ritts. Lots of things get my attention, but the inspiration is subconscious. I don't think about that, it just comes out.

Equipment used: Hasselblad H4D, Hasselblad Normal 100mm f/2.2 HC Auto Focus lens, Foba Studio Stand, Broncolor Move 1200 L Battery Power Pack, Broncolor Para 88.


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