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Salton Sea Silhouette
Photo By Jo Harris


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Photographer: Jo Harris

Photo Details

  • Title: Salton Sea Silhouette
  • State/Province/Region: California
  • Country: United States
  • Description: So, the plans were made, a picnic packed; turkey sandwiches, smoked fish and crackers, fruit and a fancy bottle of wine. A tablecloth for outdoor seating, a case of water and a flashlight and we were off on a late start. We were on nature's timeline to see the Harvest Moon! We headed towards The Salton Sea in CA's Imperial Valley. The Salton Sea is NOT somewhere you want to be when the temps in the desert soar above 100 degrees; like this day. The white beaches of the sea, ground of the bones of fish died off en masse, the smell of a million rotting fish carcasses and clouds of black flies. You can barely breath, not only for the smell, but for the black flies clogging your nostrils! You don't dare open your mouth to talk for fear of eating them. I snapped a couple of pics, while waving flies off my face and my camera lens, then ran like a mad woman, back to the relative "safety" of a black car in a 100+ weather, only to realize it was locked and hubby, standing far, far out on the jetty had the car keys! We ended up eating our picnic in the car with the windows up and the air conditioning on high...obviously, the wine was never opened. AHHHHHH...the best laid plans... But we did spend a whole lot of time laughing!

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