Doug Menuez: The Fearless Genius Project

Acclaimed photographer Doug Menuez documents the boom times of Silicon Valley in the 1980s, and the resulting project says a lot about the time, and our craft today
By David Schloss, Photography By Doug Menuez
In the mid-1980s, photographer Doug Menuez was looking for something hopeful at which to point his lens. Then in his mid-20s, Menuez was a burgeoning photojournalist covering some of the darkest subjects of the times. He had been documenting the emerging AIDS crisis, homelessness, the war on drugs and countless…

Scott Nathan: Start With The Star

Scott Nathan on the tools and techniques he uses to create images of utmost beauty
By William Sawalich, Photography By Scott Nathan
Nowhere is the 10,000-hour rule more applicable than photography. Since it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice to excel, fashion and beauty photographer Scott Nathan is lucky he started at an early age and continued shooting right through his first few careers. "One of the great things about photography…

2014 Black & White World Contest Winners

We showcase the winning photographs from the 2014 DPP Black & White World contest. Special thanks to our sponsors Hoodman, Lexar, LumiQuest, Manfrotto and Tamrac for enabling us to make such a successful contest.
By The editors
1st Place Photographer | Dennis Ramos "Sandbox" is a photo montage taken during an experiment with long exposure and off-camera flash in outdoor settings. I didn't achieve my desired technical composition in-camera, but looking at the series of shots I made, I was able to put together the elements I…

David Douglas Duncan’s 20th Century

Renowned photojournalist David Douglas Duncan hopes to influence the future by connecting dots of the past in his new book My 20th Century
By Ashley Myers-Turner, Photography By David Douglas Duncan
I've been a photographer for a very, very long time. I'm 99 now, can you imagine?" laughs iconic photojournalist David Douglas Duncan. "With all modesty, I've had more curiosity, I think, than any other photographer—between Picasso, War, the Kremlin, Palestine, Saudi Arabia—and I've lived longer." Duncan, also known simply by…

Cathleen Naundorf: Haute Couture

With a combination of Renaissance style, Polaroid film, large-format cameras and digital scans, Cathleen Naundorf is one of the leading fashion photographers working today
By Mark Edward Harris, Photography By Cathleen Naundorf
German-born, France-based Cathleen Naundorf paints with a camera. In fact, it was with a brush rather than a camera that she took her first forays into the world of art in the 1980s. The following decade put her on the photographic map as she traveled the world, camera in hand,…

Jasmine Star: Fields Of Jasmine

With boundless enthusiasm and energy and an uncanny ability to connect with the bride, groom and guests, Jasmine Star is casting her own light in the firmament of the new generation of wedding pros
By William Sawalich, Photography By Jasmine Star
If Jasmine Star hadn't become a wedding photographer, if she had stayed in law school and passed the bar, she'd probably be keeping her chin up and muddling through a career she didn't particularly love, maintaining a positive mental attitude and sharing inspirational memes with friends on Facebook. But, lucky…
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