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Monday, June 23, 2008

Caesar Lima - Focusing On The Future

Modernist in every aspect of the word, Caesar Lima pushes the boundaries of what it takes to be a professional photographer in a digital world

While we may not have that degree of sophistication just yet, Lima was quite astute as to in which direction the industry was headed. With wireless capability becoming ubiquitous, and not only online delivery but also online proofing quickly becoming the norm, it seems as if Lima may be something of a prognosticator. When asked again what visions of sugarplums he has dancing in his head for the future, Lima offers up this fortune.

“What's going on with car advertising photography is a good reference— CG and stock location images, where everything is going virtual, only shooting in the studio and then adding background in post,” says Lima. “It makes more sense, and you have more control. Photographers must learn to retouch, and 3D and CG are the next step. But, again, the idea is so important, and now everything is possible.”

Lima's career beginnings in the U.S. were humble. He started out in Los Angeles by using his rented garage as a makeshift studio, which is a difficult sell in the heat of a Southern California summer. The irony is that now, more than 20 years later, Lima is in the midst of building a dream home that will be an extension of his studio.The walls are minimal and deep, designed to be ideal as a shooting space. There are ample, oversized windows for allowing in natural light. The backyard provides a backdrop of scenic mountains and open area. And the 70-foot lap pool doesn't hurt, either. The building's construction is halfway done, and already businesses are showing interest, with Bayer renting out the estate for an upcoming shoot before it even has been finished.

Most people don't build their homes around their careers. There's always bleed-through, but the design of the home—Lima's own with architect Trevor Abramson—reflects just how dedicated and how much thought Lima puts into his work. The simple truth of the matter, though, is that no matter how much effort you put into your career, whether through marketing, investing in the newest trends and gear or with all the charm in the world, talent ultimately matters more than anything.

“I think what makes the big difference is the passion you feel for what you do,” notes Lima. “It's so important to be 100 percent committed to your work. People shouldn't worry about money; money has to be a ‘result' of your work, not the reason. Follow your heart, reinvent yourself, take a chance.”

To see more of Caesar Lima's photography, visit www.caesarlima.com.


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