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Monday, November 26, 2007

David Stuart - Master Of Keeping Fluid

David Stuart's source of inspiration for his high-concept imagery is constantly changing, and that, in turn, keeps his photography fresh

However creative and imaginative Stuart may be on his own though, his work is fortified with the talent of many people. He knows how dynamic the power of collaboration can be.

“After all the research and scouting and shooting, I'm tired,” he says. “The last thing I want to do is look at the images. I like getting a fresh eye on things. If you work with people who are equally as talented, you come out with a wonderful product. People shape things differently every time.”

Stuart's choice of camera equipment is versatile. He fluctuates seamlessly between digital and film. Though he prefers the look of film, Stuart recognizes the benefit of digital.

“Although I haven't given up film completely,” he says, “and I still use my Mamiya RZ on some projects, it's definitely shifting more and more toward digital capture. I love the look of negative film, but quite frequently, I require the immediacy of digital.

“I shoot with all types of cameras. I prefer the look of film 35mm, but I shoot composite on digital. It all depends on the lens. People get so caught up in the megapixels, but really it's about the lens. They're much more important.”

Adds Stuart, “The one item that I consider indispensable right now—this could change tomorrow—is my Canon EOS 5D body and Canon 24-70mm ƒ/2.8 lens. It seems like I always have that camera along for the ride. I've shot tons of skies and elements that I've used to build images with. It's also relatively inexpensive, so if I'm on vacation and it gets trashed, stolen or I drop it in the water, I won't cry like a baby. I don't like to get too dependent on equipment. I'm always trying to change things up a bit. I'm using hot lights again. I haven't used them in five years!”

Stuart's constant willingness to be affected by his surroundings is reflected in his photography. He's inspired by the beauty of the earth and all the glorious colors and images around us. By allowing us to see through his eyes, we're able to experience the world as an intensely sharp and vibrant place, one that's both brilliant and fluid in its everyday motion.

To see more of David Stuart's photography, visit www.davidstuart.net.



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