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Monday, January 7, 2008

Douglas Kirkland - A Conversation With The Man

Douglas Kirkland is one of the great masters of photography. Today, he continues to shoot and spends time speaking to students and up-and-coming photographers around the world.

Digital Photo Pro: If a photographer doesn't have the benefit of your reputation or experience, what are the options then?

Kirkland: The whole thing with rights is that if you're negotiating with someone, you have to determine what they want and why do they want it. Now often in corporations, they just want it all, but then you say that if you want “all” rights, then my price for this will be such and such. Then the next stage is if you don't want to pay that, then what do you want to buy? What do you want to get out of this?

Digital Photo Pro: That speaks to the idea of being able to say no, which can be difficult for photographers, even though what they're agreeing to may not serve them financially in the long run.

Kirkland: Maybe there are times when they can't afford to say no, but they have to realize what they're walking away from. They can't be naïve and say that it doesn't really matter because it does matter. They have to say in the balance of things that it's more important to have this celebrity in my portfolio than not get this job. And at the same time, the worst of both worlds, and I've known of this happening, is being told that you can't use it at all. We want all your files and all your film and you'll never see them. That's the very worst, and that's totally unacceptable. If you can't use the material to promote yourself, what's the point? You're kidding yourself at that point.

To see more of Douglas Kirkland's photography, visit www.douglaskirkland.com.



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