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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fabrik Studios - It's Still Photography

Even with the latest digital tools on hand, Fabrik Studios relies on old-fashioned skills to make magic happen

“We always had an eye on digital photography,” says Beat. “We decided that once the technology would allow us to keep using our existing equipment, we would make the transition. Five years ago, Sinar Bron came up with a system that could adapt to our existing equipment. We were able to continue to use our Sinar Bron cameras and Broncolor strobes. We only had to add the digital backs and the computer hardware and software.”

Adds Adrian, “The quality of the digital files finally matched that of film. And as soon as our existing clients saw the results, none of them wanted us to shoot film anymore.”

The Fabrik team has had a long relationship with Sinar Bron—both in shooting with the company's equipment and in making photographs of the very products they use. The partnership seems to be ideal for everyone involved.

“We were among the very first photographers to work with Sinar Bron digital backs in 1999,” says Beat. “We've been loyal to Sinar Bron over the years and their customer support in Switzerland is outstanding. If we would encounter a problem, we know that within an hour, somebody from Sinar would be in our studio to fix or exchange what's needed. Sinar asked us to shoot four new ads featuring their latest product, the Sinar M.”

Adrian sums it up simply: “Their attention to detail and high quality mirror our aspirations.”

Because of that high quality, digital technology has almost completely replaced film at Fabrik Studios. If a client requests the effect of a certain film's grain or color, they will happily oblige, but they also scan, retouch and deliver digital image files as the finished product. The Fabrik team prefers working completely digitally, though, and they find that customers prefer it as well.

“For art directors, it's a very efficient and helpful tool for their own work,” says Adrian. “They can look at a live image while we set up. They can review the captured image on a large monitor rather than on a small Polaroid and make clear suggestions on what has to change. We can respond more effectively and compare it with the previous image in great detail. We can e-mail files right away for approval, if necessary, or they can bring back raw files from the shoot to play around with in their layout until they get the finished files and proofs. Art directors and clients alike leave with great confidence after a shoot, knowing that what they saw is what they will get.”

Adds Beat, “In the end, though, it's still photography.”


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