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Monday, June 23, 2008

George Fulton - No Time For Haters

George Fulton is all about peace, love and making funky photographs

Of course, to illustrate a concept, spin it with humor and really be able to show viewers and clients how you think, a modicum of technical expertise never hurts. Fulton's lighting prowess goes a long way toward the success of his works, and it's not just about complexity. Whether he's using several lights or a select few, they're there to serve the concept.

“It all starts with lighting and contrast,” Fulton explains. “A lot of people start out thinking contrast is just something global in an image—the highlight-to-shadow ratio. That's good, but quite some time back, I used to shoot a lot of still life, and I started thinking about local contrast as well. This spilled over to my location story work. What I do is manipulate local contrast through lighting, through processing and in post.

“For the Coors work,” says Fulton, “I had two five-ton grip trucks, and we used massive HMIs to overcome overcast days and make them look like the hot summer sun. But I also like lean lighting. I'm not hung up on having to have an arsenal anymore. I usually take a lot, but often just need a little.”

The trick to his technical lighting is the fact that Fulton is doing it all on location. In fact, he says that the location is the reason he's doing it. Location light has a quality that he says is hard to find in the studio, and that's the appeal.

“When you're on location,” says Fulton, “buildings, streets, cars all provide their own special fill and ambience. When I'm in the studio, all too often some of the character in the light goes missing. It's like the difference between music on vinyl versus CD. They actually create white noise on a digital recording to simulate the ambiance that would otherwise just naturally be there on vinyl. Location is like vinyl to me now. I love that.”

To see more of George Fulton's photography, visit www.georgefulton.com.

Fulton's Gear
Sinar 4x5 cameras
Gowlandflex 4x5 TLR cameras
Mamiya RZ67 cameras
Hasselblad cameras
Leaf Aptus A75 digital back
Profoto strobes
Mac G5 workstations
Sony Artisan CRT monitors
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