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Friday, June 15, 2007

Holger Maass - The Idea Comes First

German photographer Holger Maass is an artist whose surrealist images are firmly grounded in photographic and digital technique

Maass, on the other hand, never found the quality of film up to par. “I started with simple Nikon 35mm equipment, the F4S, but learned that the quality wasn't what I expected. It was fine enough for magazine format, but not for art exhibitions. I switched, then, to medium-format film, the Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, and sometimes large format. Actually, it depends on the job and the print sizes.”

With the current state of digital cameras, Maass has found image quality that meets his needs and expectations in the 35mm format. Today, he leans to the Nikon D2x for much of his fashion and standard celebrity work. But his passion remains with vibrant art photography, where he still uses a 6x7 format Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, both film and with a Phase One digital back.

As much as digital photography has shaped Maass' personal career, he's excited for the prospect and opportunities that it holds for the emerging generation of photographers as well. A commitment to new talent has led him to lend a considerable amount of time and effort to the development of young artists.

“I was invited in April of 2007 by Nikon to go to the NPCI [Nikon Photo Contest International] as a judge to help decide the winners from over 45,000 entries from photographers all over the world,” says Maass. “Most of the entries were made with digital equipment and the overall technical quality was impressive.”

Adds Maass, “It gives many more people the possibility to experiment with photography. There are no additional costs, i.e., E6 processing, expensive analog lab techniques. So the bandwidth of people photographing is getting bigger and the quality is getting better.”

Competition is something that Maass has risen above, however. There's no question that he exhibits a visual style that simply stands apart from most other work, but another reason he has little competition for his particular brand of photography is because he's constantly trying new techniques and experimenting with equipment. It's not that no one else is imitating his style as much as no one else can keep up.

Maass' Equipment

Cameras And Lenses
Nikon D2x and Nikkor lenses
Mamiya RZ67 Pro II medium-format camera

Bowens Esprit Studio Flashlight System

Several standard Pentium PC networks with local SAN

Windows and Linux Operating System
Photoshop with additional plug-ins for some special effects

To see more of Holger Maass' photography, visit www.holgermaass.com.



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