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Monday, November 26, 2007

John Paul Caponigro - Master Of Fine-Art Photography

John Paul Caponigro is the complete artist. He's constantly striving to achieve meaningful art as he experiments with new tools and new ways of thinking about what photography means to our culture.

Caponigro's use of digital goes far beyond Photoshop. He finds that modern digital cameras give him the image quality he needs to keep pushing his art.

“I find that the Canon digital cameras I'm using now are superior to film in every way,” he says. “The images come out of the camera cleaner than I'd get with film and a scan. And that gives me more freedom to experiment.”

Digital technology is also opening up doors to a new cultural experience with images and art. As Caponigro explains, “As more and more people are able to use digital cameras and collect images, we're coming to a new cultural awareness and a new way of recording events. There isn't just one person with a camera recording an event; it's becoming a number of people, each with a different perspective, all recording an event and creating a wholly different view. Each person's images become a piece of data in a larger and more complete viewpoint. That doesn't mean we're coming to a lowest-common-denominator way of seeing the world. I think it makes for a much more heightened way of seeing the world and seeing ourselves.”

Caponigro's voice becomes decidedly more animated as he discusses a future with this kind of cultural viewpoint of events and he describes it as reaching far beyond photojournalism. It's figuring into his art as well. One can easily see how his interest in teaching and learning from those he teaches become part of the gathering of data and contribute to the creation of new visions for art.

At some level, art is all about experimentation. Caponigro is constantly experimenting when he shoots, when he processes and when he prints. He's the complete photographic artist.

To see more of John Paul Caponigro's work, visit www.johnpaulcaponigro.com.



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