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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Klinko & Indrani: Masters Of Moving Forward

Markus Klinko and Indrani have branched out from their established roles of photographing celebrities and supermodels to making moving images and, not surprisingly, their latest project is a reality TV show that makes the photographers the stars

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“And because of the new technology,” adds Indrani, “it makes it easier for us to learn and do video. I have some friends who are photographers, and they feel very threatened by these changes, and they have a really hard time embracing the new ideology of where photography is going. I also find that there can be an elitist attitude amongst the old-school photographers whose philosophy is that a difficult process is the measure of a good artist. But I really don’t feel that. Even though we know our tools inside and out and do extensive tests with our equipment, there is something very freeing about the ease of newer technology—something more true. And as the process gets easier, the possibilities get greater.”

Of course, with that ease of technology comes more competition because almost anyone can do it—but Indrani doesn’t seem concerned. “From a professional standpoint, I understand it,” she says. “Art directors who used to hire photographers to create their vision are now able to pick up a camera and create it themselves. Today, there is a great challenge—you have to be really, really good and come up with things that haven’t been seen or done before. Anybody can do the rip-off things. There are millions of people who have the capacity to make images look decent—photography is reaching a place where you don’t need years of training and tons of money to create a rip-off, but if you don’t have the artistic ideas to create, then you will come up lacking.”

Indrani continues talking about the industry and about a year of her own difficult obstacles to overcome. “We certainly, like everyone in the industry, have felt that it has been a very rough time. With the economy being as it is, and the death of so many magazines, and all the changes in the industry, it is making photography itself no longer the lucrative business that it used to be. For people like us, we have built up enormous overhead over the years and we’ve had many, many assistants because, at the time, that was what was needed to produce great images. So it all came at a great cost.”

Without asking, I know what Indrani is getting at. Both she and Klinko have filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, so a rethinking, revamping, renewal and restructuring not only is what they want to do, but it’s what they have to do in order to survive the upheaval. It has happened so swiftly that the team is quickly putting out the fire and moving forward to find a new home for their talents.


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