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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lionel Deluy - Hi Energy!

Lionel Deluy's signature style comes from a mixture of furious action on the set and creative work in Photoshop

When he made this decision, Deluy took some more time off to sit down at his desk and go through the accumulated mess of digital files, all out of order and unorganized, that had piled up.

“It took me one month, every day, hours and hours to sort it all out. Oh, this was a nightmare,” he says about the reorganization of his digital library and how the stress of working so much created disarray in his life. “But now everything is all cleaned up and organized. I had to do it myself because you can't tell someone how to do it, you know? I have a way of labeling things, so I know how to find it.”

Deluy currently has a total of four terabytes of images in storage, all of them connected to his internal network. He can grab whatever file he needs with efficiency. And for backup, he has clones of all of those drives locked safely in his storage space.

Two computers are underneath his desk, a Hewlett-Packard dual processor and a Mac G5. To keep completely up to date, he replaces them every six months. “I used to be 100% Windows user, and I was fighting all the time with Mac people,” he says. “But now I am 30% Windows and 70% Mac.”

Of Photoshop, which Deluy uses extensively, he says, “For me, digital photography and Photoshop means more expression. There are no limits to what you can do with Photoshop, and some people say this isn't photography, I think that is bullshit—it is absolutely photography! I think the ones who say that are just scared of the technology.”

Clearly, Deluy feels passionate about his tools and finds them synonymous to those of a seasoned artist. “When I first got my professional digital camera, I saw the image right away, downloaded it and started working on it immediately,” Deluy recalls. “It opened up my world creatively—I really got way more artistic. I just love the process after taking the picture; it is such a pleasure to be by myself, working on an image, watching the beauty of it unfold as I work.”

And his images are beautiful, vibrant with color, story and imagination.

I often wonder how certain photographers seem to capture a look or mood or feeling that jumps off the page. I experience that when I look at Deluy's style, so it amazes me when he says he doesn't even know if he has a style.

Says Deluy, “Photography to me is about beauty. At the end of an assignment, I just want a beautiful picture and that is my focus. Ever since I can remember, I had a camera in my hand. At 14 years old, I was taking pictures of my girlfriend and all the girls in the school, and for me, it was about the beauty of the girl. So now it is very much the same. I just try to make people look beautiful in my eyes, whether it is a man or a woman.”



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