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Monday, June 11, 2007

Nick Vedros - Funny Business

Photographer Nick Vedros has an eye for style and a head for business

Funny Business As a successful photographer, Nick Vedros has a style that's unique and a client list that includes the largest companies in the world. You've no doubt seen his work, and it's probably made you smile. It's this quirky brand of humor—and his flawless execution—that keep clients grinning, too.

Vedros has always had a singular sense of vision to go along with his sense of humor. Take his famous photograph of a dog spinning a basketball, which was made before the preponderance of digital technology and was achieved thanks to old-fashioned ingenuity. Vedros put a screw in it—“the basketball, not the dog!”—and suspended it from the studio set. The trainer taught Beaumont, the dog, to walk under the suspended ball and bump it with his nose. It's the vision, not the technology, that makes the difference.

“We just keep moving along with the technology,” Vedros says of his newest tools. “Now, we're finally at digital capture, which completes the puzzle.”

That puzzle has been under construction since the early 1990s, when Vedros began incorporating digital technologies into his workflow. Since then, he has been combining inventiveness with the newest and best equipment in order to do one simple thing: deliver the most unique, high-quality imagery to his clients.

“Ninety-nine percent of my shoots are done in digital,” says Vedros. “If I'm shooting a large ad or poster, for example, I'll try to use the Kodak Pro Back Plus on my Hasselblad—which has unbelievable quality—because of the file size. If the subject is moving faster, where I need that 35, I'll use the Canon 1Ds—a fabulous camera. I've found I can combine the two seamlessly. I can use the Kodak for the big plate in the background; then use the Canon if, for example, I'm photographing animals and need to shoot a little quicker.”

In addition to providing time and cost savings, digital tools have affected the way in which Vedros functions behind the lens. While some photographers resist the idea that technology has any impact on their effectiveness, Vedros embraces it.


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