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Friday, September 28, 2007

Parish Kohanim - Split Personality

Parish Kohanim embraces a variety of genres as he captivates and ensnares his viewers. His images are bold, dramatic, vibrant and whimsical—and he always delivers the goods.

“I don't love sitting at the computer and retouching things and spending time,” Kohanim continues. “I'm much happier behind the camera than on the computer. I try to get the lighting to a point that we don't have to do a lot of tweaking, although if it needs it, I'll do it. I try to keep the integrity of what I saw in the photograph and not push it too far in the computer. I want to keep it as real as possible. It's great that we have that option. It's wonderful because, with film, what did you do? I mean, push and pull, there's only so much you can do.”

That appreciation for reality and simplicity also manifests itself in Kohanim's lighting approach. He has the technical know-how to wow the savviest of clients with a light show like no other, but ultimately he'd rather strive to emulate the most beautiful light source of all.

“There are times I've used eight or 10 lights,” he says, “but most of the time, it's simple. I want to make it really uniform to give you the notion of the one light that we see that we're so used to. I try to just emulate what nature does. Everywhere you go, the lighting is different, and there's only one light. And you realize, ‘Look at the complexity of this lighting!' All these things that happen, textures, and when it shines through the branches of trees—that has left a big impact on me. It's not so horrible to be simple.”

To see more of Parish Kohanim's photography, visit www.parishkohanim.com.



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