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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pros Of The Future

Out of the thousands of submissions, the images on these pages are those that rose to the top in this year's contest

This Article Features Photo Zoom

prosFirst Prize—Fine Art
Jim Lind
Location: Savannah, Georgia
School: Attending Savannah College of Art and Design
Awards: Still in the early stages of his career, Lind hopes to gain more accolades and awards as his career progresses.

Lind is in his third year of college pursuing a photography degree, but he got his start in photography through his father’s keen eye and quick finger for capturing the decisive moment. Only a student, but with a great eye for composition and telling a story through his photography, he draws inspiration from photographers like Diane Arbus, and Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick.

His goal is to follow many different paths in his career, but to ultimately do what he loves, which is photography, for a living. Of the many roads and areas within photography, he enjoys photo compositing and retouching, and hopes to never become stale or mediocre with his /images.

Lind tries to tell stories of hope and mystery, attaching human characteristics like emotion so that the viewer gets something more than just an interesting-looking image. His winning image is part of a series called City of Exile and features heavy compositing using Photoshop.

prosFirst Prize—Photojournalism
Bill Hoenk
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
School: Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Awards: The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s 2005 Annual Student Show, First Place Gold Award in the Photography Department for the wildlife image Walking a Thin Line.

Bill Hoenk grew up sailing around the world and eventually ended up waiting tables for some time until his father purchased an SLR film camera for him as a birthday gift, at a time when he was questioning what he wanted to do with his life.

Since traveling was in his blood, Hoenk figured there was no better way to make a living than getting paid to do what he loved. He learned everything he could about photography through books, magazines and practice and eventually at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to get a formal photography education.

Working on various projects post-school, he concentrates on many different areas of photography. This image of a Pittsburgh firefighter was shot after Hoenk heard sirens pass by his studio. He ran outside and followed the sounds to the scene where he got this vivid and moving picture. He concentrated on zooming in and creating portraits of the firefighters as they cleaned up the scene. In the aftermath of the fire, the expressions of the firefighters that Hoenk captured were a mixture of joy amid the signs of devastation.


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