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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Roderick Angle - Master Of Visual Rock And Roll

Roderick Angle’s fashion photography feeds off the energy of the music that shaped his life

rod angle
Both a master photographer and musician, Roderick Angle has married the worlds of rock and roll and fashion to create a daring and provocative body of work. He uses music and unique locations to bring out the daring, strong-willed and playful nature of his muses to capture more than just a typical fashion photo; instead, his work is poised and full of personality. Angle is in demand from a variety of clients. His work is hip with an edge of spontaneity that camouflages his preparation and careful crafting of set and lighting.

From rock and roll to the punk movement, musical revelations have reshaped society and shook up the standards of their time. With raw inhibitions, the forefathers of these revolutions stood up for young people and for a change in society. It was liberation. Their music spoke of who they were and what they stood for. They radically altered the attitude, image and clothing of the time. Thus, the marriage of music and fashion began.

This marriage had a large part in shaping the sharp, edgy and independent fashion photography of Roderick Angle. Angle’s style and expression completely embody the freethinking and fashion-forward ideas of these movements. By Angle’s own admission, the music and fashion worlds couldn’t exist without each other. “They’re both interdependent. You can’t have one without the other. You can’t be a rock star without cool clothes. Both fields have the potential for fabulous success or miserable failure. Plus, there are a lot of groupies in both worlds.”

And no one would know better than him. Angle has been a musician all his life. From an experimental industrial band to New Wave and punk, he has embraced them all until, ultimately, his career in music led him to his current career in photography. After playing a larger role in the visual performance of his band, he found he could express his daring style and creative vision in other ways.

Although his professional focus is photography, he considers himself an overall creative director. His current portfolio is expansive and impressive, including fine photography, fashion video and websites. Angle’s clients such as Chaiken, Elizabeth and James, and Pepe Jeans are attracted to his relaxed and spontaneous attitude on set.

During his photo shoots, Angle relies heavily on music to help create the vibe of his sets and his crew. “I like to start off the day with a little Nat King Cole just to ease into it,” he says. “I play good, solid, interesting music all day. I like to keep it really current but also [play] things that people will know. Music can bond people together. I love shooting to Rob Zombie. If the day starts to drag, I’ll put on something like Reverend Horton Heat—it’s like giving everyone in the studio three cans of Red Bull.”


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