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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Roderick Angle - Master Of Visual Rock And Roll

Roderick Angle’s fashion photography feeds off the energy of the music that shaped his life

But the parallels between Angle’s work and a musical revolution go beyond his devotion to music. His photography tells a story of people who are independent, proud and willing to face the world of adversity.

Says Angle, “I think my characters are always on the verge of something. There’s an underlying conflict, but they face it with class and style. To me, this is what it’s all about—dignity and style in the face of the uncertainty of life. I think the women in my images are rock ‘n’ roll muses. I aim to create highly choreographed scenes and find a moment where the characters are strong, proud and beautiful. My ultimate woman is a little beat and a lot chic.”

Both a master photographer and musician, Roderick Angle has married the worlds of rock and roll and fashion to create a daring and provocative body of work. He uses music and unique locations to bring out the daring, strong-willed and playful nature of his muses to capture more than just a typical fashion photo; instead, his work is poised and full of personality. Angle is in demand from a variety of clients. His work is hip with an edge of spontaneity that camouflages his preparation and careful crafting of set and lighting.

While on his photo shoots, Angle’s subtle and gentle hand helps mold these multilayered characters. “I guide people, but I let them know that what I want is for them to be authentic. There’s a lot of pressure in this industry to be what everyone else wants. I don’t require that. If I let people be themselves, I get a portrait element, and it’s ultimately more intriguing. I also never criticize a model at all. Never. Once you get critical, it’s over.”

Although Angle’s models are the focus and forethought of his photographs, he adds depth and intrigue to the story with interesting, alluring locations. He’s uncompromising in securing the perfect set, scouting endlessly until he finds that gem.

“It has to have a great vibe,” says Angle, “and then it becomes an adventure, a little treasure hunt! I like to set a scene and tell a story. Locations get me halfway there. I’m very particular about my locations. I work very hard to get the right one. It’s tempting to shoot the ‘big’ scene. I try to avoid that. I’ll pick the spot that seems a little random, but you can tell there’s something ‘big’ nearby.”

Angle’s in-depth knowledge of diverse equipment helps him to fine-tune his uniquely stylized images. He shoots with a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II and a Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID with a Leaf Aptus back, as well as traditional film cameras.

“You should know every tool at your disposal, but only use those that serve your intention,” says Angle. “With the digital-imaging age, we have so much more capability and control over our images. But at the end of the day, the image either works or it doesn’t. That’s all that matters.”

And Angle’s images certainly work. His interests and artistic pursuits span over many art forms. Whether the drummer of a rock-and-roll band or director of a photography shoot, his passion and talent transcend them all. He defies our expectations and brings his raw, inimitable style to the front pages of the fashion world.

To see more of Roderick Angle’s work, visit www.roderickangle.com.



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