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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sara Remington - Good Taste

The art of food photography comes to fruition in Sara Remington's imagery. Simple, dynamic photographs are hallmarks of this young professional's work.

Good TasteThe soft, pure image of simple, rustic foods is something to which any one of us can relate. It perhaps conjures memories of childhood picnics, of spending hours in the kitchen with relatives working over a piping-hot stove, of a first date with a special someone where you dined over candlelight with exotic-sounding produce and fruit de mere.

Sara Remington's photography tells just such stories, with poignantly simple, yet elegant images that speak volumes. The sense of immortal beauty in her photography is an exceptional feat when you consider the age of the artist. At only 27, Remington has been able to hone the genre to stir emotion in the most hardened viewer.

Remington's ability to capture potentially endless stories in one simple frame is what makes her work so enticing. After all, it was her own attraction to the subject of natural foods and produce that initially put Remington on the unlikely path to becoming a food photographer.

Living in San Francisco, she was exposed to one of the largest farming areas in the United States. Rolling vineyards and ever-expanding fields filled with brightly colored produce stretch across the scenery of northern California in a way hardly seen in any other region. Says Remington, “I was inspired by the natural produce in California, all of the strawberries and fruits. There's great food in California. I was surrounded by beautiful produce and a simple, elegant way of life.”

Even with this affinity for food, Remington never anticipated that her career would find her so enveloped in the world of food photography. After spending time shooting the local crop, she landed a job photographing the cover story for a local publication, Solano magazine. Through this project, Remington was able to showcase the skills she had already developed by experimenting on her own with the foods of Napa Valley.

“The story I shot was called ‘Top Chefs Who Keep It Fresh'—it profiled chefs in the Napa region and how they take advantage of the peak-season fresh produce from local gardens and farmer's markets. It concentrated on taking out the middleman and going straight to the source of the earth to create the freshest dishes possible. I combined food images with environmental portraits, and one of the images of a chef in his garden made the cover—pretty exciting, since these were not only my first published images, but it was my first cover as well.”

The theme of the article played on issues that Remington was already inspired by—the slow-foods movement, organic and natural methods of creating and ultimately going back to the earth. These are themes that not only lend themselves to a beautiful lifestyle, but also bring forth distinctive and creative images.


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