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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sara Remington - Good Taste

The art of food photography comes to fruition in Sara Remington's imagery. Simple, dynamic photographs are hallmarks of this young professional's work.

Telling A Story

No matter how accomplished Remington is in her particular field, it would be wrong to pigeonhole her to one category. Her drive to create beautiful images comes from a deeper place than a backyard garden. She's a storyteller. Her skill in combining simple images with bold colors and soft lighting pulled her toward portraiture. By pairing her portraits with her images of food, she was able to add another layer to her story.

“The pairing turned into a sort of storytelling, laid out like a book,” explains Remington. “I love the feeling I get when I walk into a really interesting room, or see an incredible and strange piece of food, or smell a familiar scent like a fresh-cut lawn or garlic. I imagine my brain as a giant photo album, and when I smell, hear or taste something, it's connected to hundreds of other memories.

“You smell garlic, and you think of your Italian grandmother cooking, which brings you to remember the frumpy, loud muumuus she wore, which brings you to remember the closet in which she hung those frumpy muumuus, which brings you to remember the smell of mothballs in the closet when you played hide-and-seek with your sister, and so on and so on. Every smell, every color, every idea is connected to a memory, which sparks another.”

After creating such a significant portfolio of personal and professional food images, her career began to snowball. “I moved away from darker, more conceptual images and started shooting natural food editorial jobs,” says Remington. “I like to create stylized food images and eventually had enough to start developing that style more in depth.”

As a student at Syracuse University, Remington originally chose to focus on cinematography and film. She had been attracted to storytelling, stemming from watching horror movies as a child, mesmerized more by the images than the vapid dialogue. Eventually, the freedom and independence of photography took hold. She changed majors and focused on photography with a secondary interest in film.

After graduation and a move to Los Angeles, Remington's drive helped her land every job possible in the photographic world: “I did everything in L.A.—third assisting, gallery setups, labs—everything I could do that was related to photography.”

Remington attributes this part of her career to her overall success as a photographer. “Be very, very humble and work everywhere,” she says. “Sweep floors at a photographer's studio, file negatives and slides at a professional lab, second and third assist for free, and clean toilets!

“I tried to take on every photo- and film-related job in the beginning; I didn't care what it was. You'll learn something from every tiny thing you do. You'll meet people who will help you, who you'll love, who you'll loathe, who will give you amazing advice. Take it all in, because you'll gain use out of every bit of information.”


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