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Monday, January 7, 2008

Shiho Fukada - A Different Kind Of Briefcase

Shiho Fukada's ability to immerse herself in the stories she photographs is launching her career. It's a far cry from the Tokyo businesswoman her father thought she would become.

Born To Draw?
Fukada never thought she would ever be a photographer. The stories she conjured in her dreams as a child were depicted through drawings. Art was a passion that gave way to the practicality of a traditional Japanese education as she grew older. Ultimately, the education, especially the English language courses, provided her a means to get to New York.

If someone was to recount the path of Fukada's life, it would be impossible to predict that she would end up where she is. Her father still may be scratching his head.

Fukada's photographs already inspire phrases like “how'd she do that?” But when you look at her images and consider the context of where she came from, there's a curious sagacity to it all that's driven by a singularly unique ability to communicate through the camera.

Admittedly, Fukada misses her family. Being an adventurer has taken her away from a few momentous events with them back in Japan, which saddens her. However, she's scheduled to see them soon, and when she does make it back to Japan, her father will have a list of safe “businesswoman with briefcase jobs” for her to consider while she's visiting.

To see more of Shiho Fukada's photography, visit www.shihofukada.com.



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