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Friday, February 27, 2009

Stuart Weston: Evolution In The Revolution

Stuart Weston’s fashion portfolio is the product of 30 years of redefining himself and working with rapidly changing technology

stuart westonStuart Weston is a multitalented bundle of energy who happens to make his living as a fashion photographer. His previous careers include a stint as an aerospace engineer, and he’s apparently a talented drummer, painter and handyman. He’s currently building a log cabin in the French countryside, which will be his respite from running a booming business—one that not only in-cludes fashion photography, but also video production, graphic design and postprocessing. It all started, though, because 30 years ago, he worked with a photographer who was more interested in ogling models than he was in taking pictures.
Stuart Weston is an all-around artist—he draws, illustrates and is a pretty good drummer, but photography was the creative outlet he ended up most drawn to. He describes the sort of job that gets his creativity rolling this way: ‘I found that my favorite niche is to work with clients who want a big company service, but they don’t have the budget. They want stills for their advertising, point of sale, maybe window posters, that kind of thing. They want film, aspirational film to show on plasma displays throughout the store and so forth. They want a website with all these features in there as well, with a synergy from one discipline to the next. I love the multimedia side of it, I love filming, I love editing. From photography, I added moving image, to postproduction and editing, and now sound.’
“I was on a job in Florida, where the client had a word with me,” Weston recalls. “He said, ‘Listen, your colleague is upsetting the models a little bit.’ I just thought [the photographer] was an idiot! This was like a dream come true for me: a beautiful location in beautiful weather, taking beautiful pictures of beautiful women and getting well paid. I thought, ‘You know what? I’m gonna do this.’ So I literally just bought a camera and started knocking on doors and doing some testing and making lots of mistakes—because you learn very quickly that way, don’t you?”


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