Friday, November 1, 2013

Zack Arias: Master Of The Balancing Act

By David Willis, Photography By Zack Arias Published in Photographer Profiles
Zack Arias: Master Of The Balancing Act
"I still haven't found a balance!" he laughs. "But my wife and my family support me and they stand by me. I'm constantly going to my wife and saying, 'I'm really sorry that my head is up my ass with work', but I'm driven. I have to get the shot. I have to win the client. I have to go into the fire and grab the prize and get out alive. I have to be on the game, and I have to make this happen. I can't support my family on a $10 per hour job, and that kind of job is all I know outside of photography. I'm very driven."

See more of Zack Arias' work and find his blog at His Tumblr is, and you can follow him on Twitter @zarias and on Facebook at

What I Use

"What I call my hero camera," says Zack Arias, "is a Phase One IQ140 medium-format system. But then anything that's run-and-gun or on-the-fly, I use Fuji cameras. I have the Fuji X100S and the Fuji X-Pro1. I got a Fuji X100, just as a carry-around camera, and that camera really started my love of street photography. I started walking around and shooting full jobs with the Fuji, and then I did a couple of jobs for Fuji themselves. I thoroughly enjoy working with those cameras. I love my Phase, I love the image quality that the Phase gives me—I've never been able to have such amazing digital image quality before—but I love my Fujis; they're my favorite cameras.

"With lenses on the Phase," he continues, "I'm using a 55mm leaf-shutter Schneider lens and an 80mm Schneider leaf-shutter lens. For the Fuji, I have the 14mm, the brand-new 23mm and the
Fuji 35mm ƒ/1.4. That's my favorite lens that I own right now. My very favorite lights that I own, that I use all the time, are Elinchrom Quadras. I have the A heads, with the faster flash duration. I use LumoPro LP180 flashes for smaller flash work, and then in the studio I have Paul C. Buff Einstein and AlienBees lights."

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