Zhang Jingna: Fashion In Full Bloom

Zhang Jingna cultivates each of her photographs from the tiny seed of a creative concept into a stunning work of art
By William Sawalich, Photography By Zhang Jingna
Zhang Jingna's story is so peculiar, if it weren't true, you'd swear it were fiction. Born in Beijing and raised in Singapore, by age 14, Zhang was a national record holder in competitive shooting, a sport in which she would compete throughout her teens. As an art student at 18,…

Vincent Laforet : Air

Vincent Laforet utilizes the crowd-funding model to take his aerial photo series “AIR” around the world
By Ashley Myers-Turner, Photography By Vincent Laforet
Photographer and filmmaker Vincent Laforet recently found himself in a position familiar to many professional photographers. After shooting New York City at night from a helicopter 7,500 feet in the air to illustrate the power connection and intersecting paths through the city's grid system for a Men's Health magazine article…

Dixie Dixon: The Beautiful Illusion

Texan Dixie Dixon brings a romantic, dreamy approach to her fashion photography to create the beautiful illusion
By Kristan Ashworth, Photography By Dixie Dixon
In an industry that's so heavily based on relationships and connecting with people, it's no wonder that photographer Dixie Dixon's career has skyrocketed in just the few years since she has been out of college. Her personality, charm and energy are infectious, and she goes out of her way to…

Tim Tadder: The Crafted Moment

With a new focus on collaboration, Tim Tadder is actively developing a new aesthetic that pushes boundaries
By Ashley Myers-Turner, Photography By Tim Tadder
Gritty dirty, for me, is dead," says commercial and sports photographer Tim Tadder. "If a client hires me to do gritty dirty, I talk them out of it. I'm like, 'I know what you want, but I don't think you're going to be happy with this,' and I show them…

Dana Neibert: Keep It Real

Southern California-based Dana Neibert made the transition from art director to professional photographer thanks to innate talent, a knack for making images feel realistic and savvy marketing skills
By Mark Edward Harris, Photography By Dana Neibert
The tear sheet section of Coronado, California-based Dana Neibert's website has the imprint of the quintessential commercial pro. What separates him from many of his globe-trotting, camera-toting colleagues is the variety of images he creates for an unusually diverse range of clients from American Airlines, American Express and AT&T to…

Michael B. Shane: On The Verge

How the Internet turned classical musician Michael B. Shane into a professional photographer for one of the hottest news sites on the Web
By William Sawalich, Photography By Michael B. Shane
Like many great photographers, Michael B. Shane entered adulthood on an entirely different career path. He was a classical musician with a master's degree in music and a full-time job playing the clarinet. Robin Wright "I first started taking pictures when I was on tour with the Cleveland Orchestra," he…
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