Tamara Lackey: Changing The World One Frame At A Time

Tamara Lackey has built her career by giving back to the photographic community, and now she’s using photography to make a difference globally
By Tracey Clark, Photography By Tamara Lackey
Growing up, a career in photography wasn’t ever on Tamara Lackey’s radar, and as an adult, she never even thought about becoming a photographer. With a background in management consulting and executive recruiting, it wasn’t until she was on maternity leave in 2001 that she had the desire to improve…

Adam Woodworth: Resolving The Universe

Adam Woodworth on photographing the unseen night sky, in his own words
By Adam Woodworth, as told to William Sawalich, Photography By Adam Woodworth
From oil paint to color film, it’s inevitable in every art form that technological advancement leads to new modes of creative expression. In the case of nature photography, the advent of cameras capable of producing ultra-low-noise images at extremely high ISOs made possible a view of the heavens that photographers…

Deanne Fitzmaurice: Master Of Photojournalism

News photography traditionally has been a “boy’s club,” but that hasn’t kept Deanne Fitzmaurice from a tremendous career, or from winning a Pulitzer
By Julia Aparicio, Photography By Deanne Fitzmaurice
When you see a large neon sign outside a brothel exclaiming “GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS” on the side of a road in the Nevada desert, it’s not a typical response to pull over for a photo op. Pulitzer Prize winner Deanne Fitzmaurice has never shied away from a controversial subject, and…

Thomas Boyd: Master Of Technique

Oregonian staffer Thomas Boyd knows that gaining access is key—and the veteran photographer knows how to get it and what gear to use once he has it
Text & Photography By Thomas Boyd
All of the great people photographers have the unique ability of gaining extraordinary access to events and people’s lives. This is doubly true of the best photojournalists, but it goes for everyone, from a portrait photographer to a wedding shooter. It’s this access that sets their images apart. There are…

Tina Barney: Master Of Documentary Photography

Legendary fine-art photographer Tina Barney creates fascinating looks inside the lives of families, often taking years to complete a project, with surprisingly intimate results
By Ken Weingart, Photography By Tina Barney
Tina Barney is one of the most acclaimed fine-art photographers in the U.S. She became well known photographing her real family in Rhode Island, and making large color prints from these interactions. While still in the midst of a thriving career, she recently had an exhibition of her current and…

Cotton Coulson: Master Of The Travel Narrative

For more than 40 years with National Geographic, Cotton Coulson created uniquely sensual travel images, a legacy he left behind when he tragically died last spring
By William Sawalich, Photography By Sisse Brimberg & Cotton Coulson
Those who knew Cotton Coulson knew him as funny, kind, outgoing and, above all, loving. Coulson was known to become so entranced by his subjects that he would often come back from a shoot, transformed. With unkempt curly locks and an ear-to-ear grin, Coulson was easy to spot, even on…
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