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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DPP Solutions: Fast, Easy Videos

Animoto is a web-based application that gives you a chance to make a dynamic video from still shots and motion clips. For a minimum amount of time and energy, you can reap the rewards of a new product for your clients.

That kind of ease of distribution is another key component of Animoto. Erik Bjornard, VP of Marketing at Animoto, explains, “With the exploding importance of social networking, we often hear that the biggest impact Animoto makes for studios isn’t just in additional revenues, but also in additional exposure that studios are getting by making it easy for their clients’ closest 500 friends and family to experience their work through a video that’s shared on Facebook. Kirk Vocalin, for example, says that many new potential senior portrait clients call his studio specifically because they want their own ‘Rock and Roll Video’—how Kirk has branded the videos within his studio. So Kirk generates exposure for his studio with a vehicle that he produces very quickly, and also uses to incentivize his clients to step up to his top-tier portrait package.”

These videos have impact that your clients will love. Wedding photographers, in particular, will want to consider adding a video to the package they supply to clients because you can charge a decent amount for them and they don’t require hours in front of Final Cut Studio.

Animoto is available for $249 per year ($99 for a three-month trial) through their website.
Contact: Animoto, www.animoto.com.

Ease Of Use Vs. Customization
Animoto’s combination of ease of use and the overall look and power of the videos is hard to beat. Some photographers will prefer to have more customization than Animoto offers, and for those photographers, Apple’s Final Cut Studio is likely to be the software they will want to use. There’s always a trade-off, though, and with Final Cut Studio, the trade-off of customization comes with a steep learning curve. We’ve seen Final Cut experts put together very cool videos in relatively short amounts of time, however, and if that’s what you’re into, it’s a fine way to go.
Contact: Apple, www.apple.com.


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