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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DPP Solutions: Get The Hyperreal Look

The most powerful software that you haven’t heard of just might be Lucis Pro 6.0

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The Lucis Pro website’s gallery shows you the looks that you can create with the software. Here, one of Tony Sweet’s images is highlighted.
Lucis Pro was developed by a company that has a scientific background. They describe the software this way: “Lucis is the trade name for Differential Hysteresis Processing, a patented image-enhancement process originally developed to enhance detail in scanning electron microscope images.

“Lucis quickly, easily and accurately reveals indiscernible image information that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to view. Save time and achieve improved image processing. Using just one slider, Lucis effectively enhances images with a mix of high-contrast and low-contrast areas and/or incorrect exposure.

“Lucis reveals detail throughout the image simultaneously in the bright, dark and midrange contrast areas. Lucis is straightforward to use and very flexible in terms of how it transforms pixels. You choose how to best present the digital content in your image. Enhance the smallest contrast variations (detail), the largest contrast variations (features) or midrange contrast variations (patterns).”

Lucis Pro 6.0 is the latest version of the software, and it’s extremely powerful. We’ve been using it for several weeks and, while it took some getting used to, the results are impressive. One of our favorite features is the ability to split channels and enhance either the red, green or blue image data. Using Split Channels, we were able to get fantastic results very quickly. As with most image-processing software, there’s a preview button that allows you to see the result of your work as you go.

The Lucis Pro software is essentially an algorithm that enhances image-contrast variations by comparing pixels to one another to map contrast variances. Using the slider controls, you control which contrast variances are enhanced and which are diminished. Image information isn’t discarded, only enhanced or diminished.

The software is powerful. The retail price is $595. If that price seems steep, consider that for the time being, the HDR look hasn’t slowed in popularity. Your clients want it. Give Lucis Pro a try, and you just may see a nice little bump in your revenue figures. Plus, it just looks cool.

Contact: Image Content Technology LLC, (866) 714-4236, www.lucispro.com.


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