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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Photoshop Lightroom, Part 2

Although Photoshop gets all the glory, in Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe has created a tool that will help professionals take control over their image libraries and catalogs of work

Lightroom One of the more powerful features of Lightroom's Grayscale conversion is the ability to blend the relative color mix that makes up the “panchromatic” blend of the colors to black-and-white. Think of it as putting black-and-white contrast files over your image.

While it's similar to Photoshop's Channel Mixer, some use of the tool in Lightroom will be enough to wean you off of Channel Mixer. Yes, Photoshop CS3 has a new B&W Adjustment (guess where the inspiration came for it?), but this is being done as a metadata edit, not a pixel edit.

This is a good time to explain the concept of presets. You'll find presets in each of the modules after Library. Why? Because the time you spend adjusting and tweaking should be time applied on other images down the road. In terms of Develop presets, you can even apply them upon initial import, thus making importing more efficient.

Lightroom In Develop, you can create a preset for all settings except for Crop and Spotting. Those must be applied as Sync operations. Note that a preset that doesn't contain all settings will affect only those settings that are stored, leaving everything else untouched. In this way, you can create presets that affect only White Balance or Lens Corrections or Calibrate. You can apply multiple successive presets affecting only those specific settings you wish to apply.

LightroomThe other two settings that can be stored in a preset are Auto Tone and/or Auto Grayscale Mix. The Auto Grayscale Mix takes a look at an image's colors and produces an optimized conversion based upon the colors while maintaining tone separation. This is another powerful little bit of work from Mark Hamburg.


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