Tuesday, May 29, 2007


By using the inherent capabilities in your image-processing software, you can work efficiently and exercise greater control over all of your images.

Synergize With change come ideas about solving problems. A software engineer told me that software designers aren't limited by the same laws of physics that compel hardware engineers. An image-processing engineer, explaining the compromises of achieving image quality, hinted of expectations for mitigating formerly required compromises.

In cameras, hardware does what software can't, and vice versa, in computers, software can do what camera hardware can't—yet. Today's rapid pace of change is influencing how software can work more effectively, providing picture-making opportunities and expanded business potential.

Mitigating Compromise

The new synergy of design and the role of software helps mitigate compromise, and interaction between the software and hardware components performs better than the sum of the individual effects. That's synergy.

Synergize Today's digital photographers say they're inundated by decisions—which products to buy? I'd like to reflect upon conversations and explain how ideas have evolved since I first began my career in electronic and digital imaging.

I'm a “system person,” examining available hardware (bodies, lenses, speedlights and accessories) and evaluating selections so as to make recommendations. This approach is now compounded with added issues for software, workflow, technologies and new imaging products to deliver to clients.


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