Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Printer Shot

When Epson approached Jeff Schewe to photograph their latest professional printer, they wanted something different

Printer Shot At various times after that call, I asked him what was up, but he continued to be silent until early June of 2006 when he e-mailed me to set up a phone call. He does that a lot—e-mailing to set up phone calls. It's kinda the bane of the modern world that it takes high tech to enable the use of old tech. During the call, he stressed the fact that I was under NDA and that what he was going to tell me was super-top secret. Then he told me about Orpheus, the code name for what would be announced as the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 (personally, I like the Orpheus name better).

He asked me to concept some ideas, and told me there would be no “layout.” My instructions were to come up with a neato shot idea and then try to talk Mark Radogna, Group Product Manager Professional Imaging, into “buying” it.


Printer Shot

Printer Shot Dano, an old PC stalwart, had just gotten a new Apple iMac (but it could also run Windows XP) and suggested we iChat about the concept.

During that iChat, we discussed some ideas I had developed, including the concept of shooting a nice-looking studio with some Anthro carts and make it appear as though the Orpheus would fit right in (since the footprint was a lot smaller than other 17-inch-wide printers). Also during the chat, we talked about some other ideas, including a wild one where we'd shoot on location in Monument Valley and put the printer on top of a mitten. Dano really liked that idea since he had never been there and had always wanted to visit.

We scheduled an additional iChat, again by e-mail, but this time including Mark, so we could all discuss the various concepts. He also requested that I do some sort of visual to show Mark, since he was just an engineer type and might not get the concept. I did a rough and quick composite and sent it off for review.


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