Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Printer Shot

When Epson approached Jeff Schewe to photograph their latest professional printer, they wanted something different

Printer Shot The other last-minute change required was the top panel. Epson Japan had decided that they could cast the top panel in one piece instead of fitting three separate pieces together. So I had to retouch out those line gaps I had worked so hard evening out and straightening. Typical when working with prototypes, you'll spend a lot of time redoing things until there's simply no time left to change things.

The final image was comprised of a total of 16 layers organized into four groups. When completed, the final image file was a RAM-choking 370 megabytes.

All told, it was actually a rather fun project. The end result was used for prints in the Epson booth at Photokina as well as in part of the press package announcing the printer. The shot was printed out as banners at the recent PhotoPlus Expo and used as large-framed prints in the booth. It also has been used for brochures. I'm hoping that Epson will decide they like the shot enough to use it in national ads (they only licensed collateral use of the image, so I'd get to negotiate additional usage).

Printer ShotI'm pretty sure Mark is pleased with the shot, and Dano is just happy that everybody else is happy. Oh, in case you may be wondering, yes, I've printed with the new Epson Stylus Pro 3800. I like the improved dither and the fact that you don't need to do a lengthy ink swap for matte/photo black ink. But since the printer is so popular, I'm stuck with the pre-preproduction unit that still wants to tell me that non-Epson inks have been detected. I'm waiting for my final production unit like everyone else out there.


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