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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vision To Visuals: Back To School

Helping a learning institution define itself

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Vision to visuals: Back To SchoolDr. Ben M. Corpus, Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment Management and Dean of Students of Baruch College, approached Duggal Visual Solutions recently with a fundamental request. The goal was to “communicate the standards of academic excellence and professionalism” that define Baruch College in a public forum.

As one who has helped many artists and advertising agencies communicate their stories, visions and brand messages, I found this request creatively challenging. Our mission often is derived from the need to assist our fine-art and commercial clients in effectively communicating their vision. This often requires us to take advantage of a new and effective printing or display technology. When Baruch, the highest-rated business school in the CUNY system, requested our help, I realized that our role as a company providing visual solutions had now become relevant and necessary for academic institutions.

We have plenty of experience in creating gallery displays for such artists as Roberto Dutesco, Susan Watts and Jo Yarrington, but the project for Baruch College presented us with an opportunity to develop the content and work in the spirit of an ad agency because we had to research and develop the content for display—the who, what and why of Baruch College. This was a completely new and challenging process for us given the size of the project and the intricacies involved.

In order to help Baruch College successfully communicate that it's a premier business school, as well as a school of public affairs and arts and sciences, we focused on its window displays. The displays were divided into three separate units.

Three diorama-style display windows on 25th Street (between Lexington and 3rd Avenues) in Manhattan were to have print, video and lighting conveying each school's specific message. We took advantage of the depth of the window to incorporate a 42-inch LCD screen and custom-designed content with curved Plexi prints to create a dynamic 3-D composition to each of the three windows.

The second unit consisted of two windows on the corner of 25th Street and Lexington Avenue and focused on top rankings and graduation. The windows were layered with glass treatments, floating Plexi prints and accent lighting to highlight the sparkling confetti as it fell on the graduates during commencement in Madison Square Garden.


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