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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vision To Visuals: Back To School

Helping a learning institution define itself

Vision to visuals: Back To School The last unit was the bookstore windows on Lexington Avenue (between 24th and 25th Streets), which would display the range of student opportunities and resources that Baruch has to offer. In the design for each of the bookstore windows, we decided to incorporate larger-than-life images of real individual students and faculty adorning the award-winning “Vertical Campus” academic building.

In discussing the results of the project, Ben stated that the overall process “was quite successful. Duggal's multifaceted team was able to absorb and implement a vision that was new to them. I didn't have to repeat myself, and their learning curve was pretty damned impressive. While maintaining full control of the message, Duggal assisted me in understanding how my vision could be adapted and communicated in multiple formats. It seemed as though control wasn't an issue, but wherever the best idea evolved seemed to win the day, and working with this group, it became a challenge to parcel out which great idea was just right given they had so many.”

The goals for the displays were simple. As Ben describes it, “We wanted to communicate standards of academic excellence, professionalism, energy and a sense of community and pride. We have prime-time real estate in the most competitive city in the world, and we needed to present our message through mediums that were not too ‘in your face,' yet clear enough for all segments of society to embrace our public mission.”

We not only conceived such displays, but built and installed them ourselves to ensure that they met our and Baruch's exacting standards. When I first met with Ben, I asked him how he heard about us and what it was about Duggal that drew him toward us. “They impressed me with their techniques, cutting-edge knowledge, ability to see things from varying angles and responsiveness to a new market,” he explained.


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