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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More Than RAW Processing

How Adobe Camera Raw as a filter changes workflow

This Article Features Photo Zoom

4) ACR's Detail panel offers additional noise and sharpness controls
ACR's Tone Curve panel delivers nothing that Photoshop's Curves does not, and it lacks scrubbing features.

ACR's Detail panel provides additional sliders for Sharpening; the Detail slider targets effects into different detail frequencies (think of frequency as texture—low is smooth and high is texture), something no tool in Photoshop does; the Masking slider makes edge masks easier and more flexible. The Detail panel also provides additional sliders for Noise Reduction; it provides true separation of Luminance and Color, plus the ability to adjust Luminance Detail and Luminance Contrast, as well as Color Detail and Color Smoothness. Consider this panel one more tool to add to your arsenal of detail-enhancement options. Now the tools once reserved for capture sharpening can be extended to creative sharpening.

ACR's HSL/Grayscale panel offers a useful Luminance response (one that doesn't compromise dynamic range) for selective adjustment of hues. It makes adjusting oranges and purples easier as it provides ready-made sliders, but unlike Photoshop's Hue/Saturation, the transitions between analogous colors can't be adjusted.

ACR's Split-Toning panel is easy to use, but yields less control than Photoshop's Curves.

5) ACR's HSL/Grayscale panel offers a useful hue-specific Luminosity shift
ACR's Lens Corrections panel is so powerful, it almost renders Photoshop's filter Lens Correction obsolete, offering additional options like Upright in an easier-to-use package—almost, but not quite; Photoshop's Lens Correction filter provides a stronger Remove Distortion slider and three sliders instead of two for removing chromatic aberration, which can be useful occasionally.

ACR's Effects panel adds yet another noise structure, Grain, that's different than Photoshop's Noise or Filter Gallery's more robust Grain, which is still only available in 8-bit. And, Post Crop Vignetting is fast and convenient, though not as customizable in shape or position as a radial gradient mask in Photoshop.

ACR's Camera Calibration panel has less control than Photoshop's Hue/Saturation.


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