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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Color Choice Isn't By Chance

Getting color right isn't just about the scientific quantities of the Kelvin scale and wavelengths of light; it's also about emotion and creativity.

Color Choice Isn't By Chance Personal creativity comes from the “sweat” of making great pictures. Get the balance with powerfully effective imaging tools; it's choice, not chance!

Let's examine the balance of color. Deeply involved with digital, I draw upon film experience and knowledge about color rendering. Balance has always been a key factor. Film photographers choose a film for its color rendering, but digital photographers make the same decisions through observation and their camera's and software's digital tool control; digital provides a broader range of personal control.

Achieving balance for many points will bring you to your photo objective.

Color Rendering

Image quality incorporates color rendering, Dmax, grayscale, dynamic range, noise, color fidelity, white balance and more. Start by working with the best camera settings. Later you'll make adjustments in-computer.

How Do You Like Color Rendered?

Remember Kodachrome boasts rich reds and contrast, Ektachrome excels with versatile ISO range and cool blues and greens, and Fujichrome stands out with vivid colors and a useful ISO selection. Now digital facilitates all choices in-camera and in-computer.

Color preferences are subjective, personal and vary with the nature of the photo! What makes color right? The answer is choice, based on technical requirements and pleasing esthetics. If the art director wants a particular color shade, focus on that requirement. If you're shooting a portrait, skin tones prevail. Make a bad choice and get shot down. It's the same for black, white and shades of gray. It's easy to see a color cast, and when blacks become gray, images look “muddy!”

Don't forget the media! Publications have objectives that appeal to readership; such issues guide your choices. How you use your images will drive your color decisions.

Digital Color's Opportunities And Choices

Ideas from the past stand firmly and are as significant today as ever. Bless the synergy of digital photography systems' hardware, software and powerful computers. The system enables you to make changes, refine color and more. With digital, everyone can develop photographic vision more effectively. It's an essential tool and a powerful resource for the professional.

Possibilities for adjusting color seem endless! System and sensor makers work closely, and we gain from designs that excel. We select from a choice of in-camera tools for modifying image quality—in particular, color rendering. Trust the camera's automatic settings or change control, making personal choices more responsive to each assignment's conditions.


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