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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Extending Depth Of Field

Using multiple exposures and sound camera and software technique, you can defy the laws of physics

Shifts In Scale

When dealing with problems involving extreme depth of field, you may encounter shifts in scale between exposures. The relative size of objects may change in individual exposures.

In this case, some distortion of one exposure/layer may be necessary to achieve this effect. Use Free Transform (Edit > Free Transform).

New Habits

This powerful technique is relatively simple to apply. To do so, however, requires an understanding of the issues involved, forethought and proper application. Once you understand how to do it, the most difficult thing may be to train yourself out of old habits and into new ones. In a majority of cases, traditional techniques and habits will serve you well; this technique is for exceptional cases.

Important Traditional Skills

It's best to optimize focus in-camera as much as practical. No amount of digital-sharpening wizardry will make truly out-of-focus images appear to be in focus. To achieve optimum results with this technique, you need to know how many exposures to make and where to place the focal point in each. Traditional skills enable this technique and are no less relevant today. If they alone will accomplish the task, why rely on digital post-processing and make the process unnecessarily complicated?

New solutions are available for those situations where traditional skills won't suffice. (Here are two examples: multiple parallel planes placed at varying distances and extreme macro photography.) As media evolves, the limitations of traditional tools and techniques can be reduced through new practices.

Does this practice undercut the credibility of this type of photograph or photography in general? Absolutely not. As ever, the intent of the author and the application of a given technique is of tantamount importance.


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