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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Extending Depth Of Field

Using multiple exposures and sound camera and software technique, you can defy the laws of physics

Selective Sharpening

In two-dimensional images, the appearance of the recession of space can be accentuated by controlling focus selectively. You can defocus areas of an image selectively in-camera. You can defocus areas of an image selectively with software. You can sharpen an image selectively, making some areas of an image appear sharper than others. You can use a combination of all three effects.

Applying sharpening selectively:

Extending Depth Of Field 1 Duplicate the Background Layer. (Layer > Duplicate Layer)

Extending Depth Of Field 2 Set the layer's Blend mode to Luminosity. (Use the drop-down menu in the Layers palette; the default is Normal.)

Extending Depth Of Field 3 Apply the filter Unsharp Mask. (Zoom to 100% screen magnification. Apply Filter > Unsharp Mask; set a maximum Amount, precise Radius and minimum Threshold.)

4 Set the layer's Blend If sliders to 35/55 and 225/245 to remove the effect from shadows and highlights. (Double-click on the layer icon. Hold the Option/Alt key to split the Blend If sliders.)

5 Add a layer mask. (Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal All)

Extending Depth Of Field 6 Use the Gradient tool or Brush tool with varying opacities of black to remove sharpening selectively.


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