Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photo Book Basics

From high-end leave-behinds to prototypes for a pitch to a big-time publisher, self-publishing your work is an ideal solution that’s within reach of any pro

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Asuka Book
Lulu (www.lulu.com), founded in 2002, publishes about 20,000 books of various sorts per month. It claims that more than one million book creators from more than 200 countries use their services, and each enjoys an exciting optional benefit—Lulu offers the creator's finished product for sale to the public via the Lulu website. Authors retain all the rights to their works and receive 80% of the profit when their books sell. Lulu operates a global print network and provides worldwide distribution so that photographers can reach customers everywhere (including Amazon.com). It also offers editing, marketing, design consultation and other services on a fee basis.

When it comes to high-class, high-quality photo books, AsukaBook (asukabook.com) is hard to beat. Pros who are looking for a source for top-notch wedding albums, portfolio books or virtually any other printed and bound collection need look no further. AsukaBook offers a complete selection of both traditional and uniquely modern formats and designs, including the Zen Layflat series, and Neoclassic and DVD presentation books. To get started, register at the website and download AsukaBook Maker 2. Alternatively, you can download an AsukaBook plug-in for Adobe InDesign. Other software applications, including Kubota AutoAlbum, are also compatible.

PIKTO (www.pikto.com) Photobooks feature books from 6x8 inches to 12x18 inches, with One-on-One Design Consultations available. Book options include hardcover in linen, leather or leatherette, and paper weights of 170gsm, 176gsm or 206gsm. PIKTO provides instructional videos for walking you through the design process with its book:it layout software for both Macs and PCs. Photoshop templates also can be downloaded for using in combination with book:it designs, and supported file types include JPEG, TIFF, BMP and PSD in 8-bit RGB or grayscale. Pricing begins at $24.

AdoramaPix (www.adoramapix.com) PhotoBooks are priced affordably, and handcrafted and printed on silver-halide paper with a lustre finish. The PixPublisher design tool is based on Adobe Flash, and it provides customization of covers and books, with prebuilt templates for fast publishing or flexible layouts for the maximum amount of control. Setting up a book through the PixPublisher editor is free until you choose to order, with books beginning at under $13 for a 6x4-inch, 14-page book. There are up to 76 pages available at a variety of coffee-table sizes, ranging between 6x4 inches and 12x12 inches.

PhotoBook Press (www.photobookpress.com) aims for fine-art photo books with sewn signature bindings, archival paper and limited-edition series printing. Cover options include fabrics, full-grain or bonded leathers with or without graphic covers, and archival book board for endurance. Paper is 120-pound text weight, and books are available in standard dimensions of 5x5 (soft cover), 5x6.5 (soft cover), 10x8 (hard cover), 10x10 (hard cover), 9x9 (both) and 9x12 inches (both). Page counts vary by book option, with standard books offering 72 to 144 sides and higher page counts of more than 200 pages available. Images are supported in most standard digital formats, including high-resolution RGB images in TIFF, JPEG or PSD. Pricing begins at just under $50.


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