Black & White

From capture to final output, there are many pieces to the puzzle for producing the ultimate black-and-white images
Dave Willis And Mike Stensvold
Getting a great black-and-white print is easier than ever. Deciding the best way to get there is the hard part. The more you understand about the black-and-white process, the better the prints you’ll produce. While a single perfect method won’t work for every image, there are plenty of routes for…

DPP Solutions: Image Optimization For The Web, Part I

How to evaluate and quickly set up your images for web usage
By Jim Goldstein
First impressions can make or break a photographer. Prospective clients and photo buyers alike who surf the web for interesting photographic work can and will pass judgment on you, for good or bad, in a matter of seconds. While many photographers become absorbed by web design, others look past the…

Pro Tips: Monitor Calibration

Without color calibration, you might as well be working in the dark
By Staff
I’m a photographer with a deep, dark secret: I’m color-blind. For those of you without this particular affliction, allow me to clarify something. It doesn’t mean that I see the world in black-and-white; it just means that I see things a little bit differently. I see colors, and as far…
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