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  • Re: Kate
    Posted on Friday 1 November, 2013 by Cesar Sosa.
    I really love the brilliance in the colors....
  • Re: Gnarled Wood
    Posted on Tuesday 29 October, 2013 by Constance Lowery.
    wonderful processing and such an interesting...
  • Re: September
    Posted on Tuesday 29 October, 2013 by Constance Lowery.
    this is super nice
  • Re: All Aboard
    Posted on Monday 28 October, 2013 by Rick Verbanec.
    really caught my eye while scanning the entries
  • Re: Ryan Engstrom Photography
    Posted on Friday 11 October, 2013 by Scott Wheeler,sr..
    I love this shot it looks like a painting....

Photo By Ivo F. Raic

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Photographer: Ivo F. Raic

Photo Details

  • Studio Name: Raicart
  • State/Province/Region: Washington
  • Country: United States
  • Nearest Town: Seattle
  • Gear: me
  • Description: STATEMENT For me the fine arts are love and joy, my other youth. When, on my family’s initiative in my fiftieth year, I began to pursue painting more seriously, I could not foresee that it would become devotion for the remainder of my life. Already with the first oils and water colors, I began to experience the surrounding world differently by seeing what I did not see before or what I did not hold to be significant! With each day I grew richer for the new feelings, and the success of my first independent exhibition was a definite confirmation of a new path – an engineer becomes a painter! Not even the raw war, the inhumane conditions of life and work in occupied Sarajevo – both the largest and longest-lasting concentration camp in modern history. These were 1425 days and nights without running water, electricity, a minimum of food, and constant fear for the life of your family and your own. I mustered the strength to continue working, and the seven exhibitions I prepared and created in the impossible circumstances of daily and nightly destruction of the city were both my form of resistance to the evil and my belief in a better tomorrow. To this day, in my arts opus includes 239 catalogued, unique oils and aquarelles: landscapes, still life, portraits, and studies of the old masters. Mainly, I am in the sphere of hyperrealism and only sometimes do I make short excursions into modernism. I work slowly, yet thoroughly, mostly for the soul, and it is difficult for me to part from my paintings. Torn between a plethora of ideas and little available time for their materialization, I realized a possible solution in computer graphics. One problem was that I had never before used a computer. So in my late sixties, I was forced to apply myself wholly to learning how in order to become literate in information technology and to start using the unbelievable possibilities that were, until then, strange to me. Today, however, they are irreplaceable devices! Results are hundreds of computer aided graphics, and that string of works in constantly deepening with quality and fresh ideas. I am processing my art works, photographs, and much of that which does not reach the easel. In the past several years I have more seriously turned to art photography, which is becoming my new obsession affirmed by my first critically acclaimed exhibitions and the release of tens of my photographs in the most prestigious journal of ecology in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Fondeko. Lighting, a moment, an occurrence and the elusive beauty of God’s work are my constant inspiration, whether a brush or a camera are in my hand. In one of the criticisms, they wrote something like: “In artistic creation he is photographically precise, and in photography he is, above all else, a painter.” For the past 22 years, I have participated in 66 exhibitions around the world, of which 39 were independent. I am satisfied with and feel honored by the complements of professional criticism and visitors of my exhibitions and web page, but the apex of my happiness is that I have succeeded to express another, sometimes oppressed, part of my being that I hope will greatly outlive me. Ivo F. Raic

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