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  • Re: Kate
    Posted on Friday 1 November, 2013 by Cesar Sosa.
    I really love the brilliance in the colors....
  • Re: Gnarled Wood
    Posted on Tuesday 29 October, 2013 by Constance Lowery.
    wonderful processing and such an interesting...
  • Re: September
    Posted on Tuesday 29 October, 2013 by Constance Lowery.
    this is super nice
  • Re: All Aboard
    Posted on Monday 28 October, 2013 by Rick Verbanec.
    really caught my eye while scanning the entries
  • Re: Ryan Engstrom Photography
    Posted on Friday 11 October, 2013 by Scott Wheeler,sr..
    I love this shot it looks like a painting....

Jonathan Sippel Photography
Photo By Jonathan Sippel

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Photographer: Jonathan Sippel

Photo Details

  • Studio Name: Jonathan Sippel Photography
  • State/Province/Region: Ontario
  • Country: Canada
  • Nearest Town: Toronto
  • Description: A Precarious Age CoDirector - Siobhan McKenna Stylist - Terran Veda Makeup - Angie Canning Location - Stratford, Ontario This past Summer I was talking to Siobhan McKenna about how I want to do a big shoot where I can show off all my skills simultaneously, and not worry about the budget for once. Buying and making props can be expensive and time consuming, and it always drains my spending money when I want to be creative. We went out for a coffee and brainstormed ideas around a hippy shoot that we could use Evan's 80's Chevy Van in. Before long we got the ball rolling, and had the structure of the shoot written out. We met up every couple days, and continued to come up with game changing ideas. In early September we started the Kapipal page where we had a video explaining our goals, and asking for funding. It was a huge success, and so we started casting, and planning shoot dates for October. We managed to cast all friends for this, and I truly thank every one of them for showing up and helping out. There were some early mornings, and some late nights. October was the busiest month for this project with shoots every couple days. For every shot we did we had to rent and return costumes and props from the Stratford Festival Prop Warehouse. We finished shooting the project in mid November, and I finished compositing the photos in Mid December. I'm very happy with how the series turned out all in all. It's somewhat complex, but everything is there for a reason. If you have to go back to look at earlier pictures to make sense of everything, my mission is accomplished. A big, "THANK YOU" goes out to everyone involved, and all the donators. I couldn't have achieved this without you. Jonathan

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