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  • Re: Kate
    Posted on Friday 1 November, 2013 by Cesar Sosa.
    I really love the brilliance in the colors....
  • Re: Gnarled Wood
    Posted on Tuesday 29 October, 2013 by Constance Lowery.
    wonderful processing and such an interesting...
  • Re: September
    Posted on Tuesday 29 October, 2013 by Constance Lowery.
    this is super nice
  • Re: All Aboard
    Posted on Monday 28 October, 2013 by Rick Verbanec.
    really caught my eye while scanning the entries
  • Re: Ryan Engstrom Photography
    Posted on Friday 11 October, 2013 by Scott Wheeler,sr..
    I love this shot it looks like a painting....

Chas. Mcnamara Photography
Photo By Chas. Mcnamara

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Photographer: Chas. Mcnamara

Photo Details

  • Studio Name: Chas. Mcnamara Photography
  • State/Province/Region: Colorado
  • Country: United States
  • Nearest Area:
  • Nearest Town: Denver
  • Description: When I was in third grade, I shot a roll of 620 film using my mom’s Kodak Brownie box camera. No f stop, no shutter speed. No viewfinder. Shot from the waist. Anything that caught my eye. It worked. I got images back in a week. I thumbed through the little shiny prints with the serrated edges time and again. Gee…I point. I shoot. I get prints. What can I get a print of next time? The mail came and I took the prints to my room and went through them. If there were some I liked, I ran downstairs and showed my brother and sister. I was exhibiting. Nothing has changed for me except I think a lot more about what catches my eye. I see a subject, shoot it, print it and look at the print time and again. Gee…I like that one. I hope you like it too. I work very hard now at printmaking but with no less childlike appreciation of the process and the desire for more interesting results. A print of what was only a glimpse becomes more than I expected. There is now more a wonder of how that happens. Sometimes I think I see it and, well it’s not there. Then I see some of it and way more is actually there. So I am not sharing my imagination but my experience of walking between the seen and the unseen; the visible and the yet to be revealed. The great prints capture not what I saw but what I did not see. When I ran downstairs with a little print, it was to show what I could not explain. All I can do is exhibit. I can’t explain.

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