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    Posted on Friday 1 November, 2013 by Cesar Sosa.
    I really love the brilliance in the colors....
  • Re: Gnarled Wood
    Posted on Tuesday 29 October, 2013 by Constance Lowery.
    wonderful processing and such an interesting...
  • Re: September
    Posted on Tuesday 29 October, 2013 by Constance Lowery.
    this is super nice
  • Re: All Aboard
    Posted on Monday 28 October, 2013 by Rick Verbanec.
    really caught my eye while scanning the entries
  • Re: Ryan Engstrom Photography
    Posted on Friday 11 October, 2013 by Scott Wheeler,sr..
    I love this shot it looks like a painting....

Boden Photography Llc
Photo By Scott Boden

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Photographer: Scott Boden

Photo Details

  • Studio Name: Boden Photography Llc
  • State/Province/Region: Ohio
  • Country: United States
  • Nearest Area:
  • Nearest Town: Toledo
  • Gear: Self
  • Description: “One mans garbage is another’s gold mine” Art with rules, now that’s funny. Nobody has the right to say what is or isn’t art. There is no barrier or proper way to create or display art. The viewer determines what art should be or shouldn’t be for themselves. Art has no standard, only opinion’s of what is or isn’t art by each individual viewer by personal taste. A broken bottle on the side walk shot in black and white. It could show the sharpness of my attitude, but actually I probably liked the lighting and the detail. I am in love with texture; depth; lighting; and strong contrast. I feel there are many ways to shoot objects or people to create an image of artistic value that others will enjoy, not just one. I do not try to have hidden emotions or meanings; then again sometimes they could be hidden even from me. Nor do I try to introduce you into my past or present life. My work has a reflection of my interest to be different; break barriers, shatter standards and corrupt the innocent. I am inspired to capture a photograph not to create one. My images are simple with very little to no darkroom or digital editing program assistance. My drive and motivation comes from wanting to be able to produce work that produces interest; money; and of course freedom to do as I please at my leisure. I find myself enjoying works by Helmut Newton, Marty Stouffer, Jacque Cousteau, Man Ray, Ron Harris, and many others. I haven’t pried into their personal lives, I just enjoy their works. Their images are what I found interesting and inspirational not the person behind the images. To me these men were the few that encouraged me to want to photograph a variety of subjects, not just one. Marty Stouffer inspired me as a child, to look into the wilds of America. Jacque Cousteau had done the same but to take it further out of the realms of society. Later Helmut Newton and his shadow work inspired me to look into the darkness and bring it to light. Man Ray taught me to think outside the box, stand up against the powers that be and strike them down with multi-media. Last but not least, Ron Harris had given me the concept of what you see is what you get, nothing to hide. Together they all inspire me to create work that others will enjoy and/or pay for. But most of all they encourage me to break away from mainstream and do my own thing with my work; they encouraged me to force you to use your own mind to find the meaning in my images and to think outside the confines of right and wrong. They fought the establishment in their time and I encourage you to do the same thing now, continue to challenge the established boundaries and guidelines. Bring art back to the viewer and away from the critics. Scott M. Boden

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