Sony’s 24mm F1.4 G Master Prime And A New Deal

The 24mm F1.4 GM is the 30th lens in their lineup

Mission Workshop Integer

Another highly functional camera bag iteration from Mission Workshop

Discussing The New Canon EOS R System

B&H and four Canon experts discuss the new Canon EOS R System on a live online panel discussion

The Guardian’s Teacher Takeover Project

A series of photo essays about the crisis in America's classrooms

Latest News

Canon Debuts Full-Frame Mirrorless System

We're hands on in Maui at Canon's launch event for the EOS R

Tamron Launches SP 15-30mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 Ultra-Wide Angle Zoom Lens

Tamron's new ultra-wide-angle zoom lens for full-frame DSLR cameras will first come in Nikon mount

Hasselblad Announces New XV Lens Adapter For X1D-50c

Hasselblad's newest accessory extends the V system lenses to the X1D-50c

The Portrait Masters Conference To Live Stream On

Those who are missing the sold-out event can still tune in from the comfort of their home or studio

New Tamron 17-35mm F/2.8-4 Di OSD Geared For Versatility In A Portable Package

Tamron's newest offering boasts of being the smallest, lightest ultra-wide-angle zoom lens in its class


The members of France Photographers are good friends and a great team.

Multi-Person Studio

A true team of innovative equals

Enforcing Your Copyright Tomorrow And Beyond

Copyright law is changing, but will it be for the better or for the worse?

Gear and Reviews

Rotolight Neo 2

One light, endless possibilities for still + motion work

Sony 400mm F2.8 GM OSS – Hands On Look At The New Sports Superstar

Many photographers, especially sports and wildlife shooters, have been anxiously anticipating the arrival of the Sony 400mm F2.8 GM OSS lens. This super-tele lens length is vital to capturing tack-sharp, smooth background images, and the lack of a lens this long is one of the last sticking points for many photographers looking to switch. Sony Read more…

Mirrorless vs. DSLR

As mirrorless and DSLR systems become more powerful, a confrontation between them is brewing

Equipping The Outdoor Studio

The right lighting gear will allow you to take total control of lighting when your studio is the great outdoors


As Numerous As The Stars

Take your astrophotography to the next level with these techniques

Mission: Monochrome

Think and shoot in black-and-white to add depth and beauty to your black-and-white photography

Essential Flash

Five reasons why you should never leave your flash at home

The Natural Beauty Of Open Shade

Understanding how to use the natural beauty of open shade will expand your creative options

Intent To Shoot

How approaching street photography with a clear goal results in better images

Stacking The Deck

Quickly improve your landscapes with focus-stacking—a simple, but rarely used technique to increase depth of field and fix common imaging problems