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Latest News

Sony A7C: A Compact Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera For Enthusiasts And Vloggers

The company also introduced a 28-60mm zoom lens and external wireless flash

Fujifilm’s Fastest Interchangeable Lens: The New Fujinon XF50mm F1.0

The new lens will be available this fall for $1,499

Panasonic Introduces Lumix S5 Hybrid Mirrorless Camera

This is the newest full-frame mirrorless S-series Lumix camera for video and still photography  

Phase One Introduces 90mm Medium-Format Lens

This 5th Rodenstock lens is designed for the XT medium-format camera system

PhotoPlus Expo 2020 ‘In-Person’ Show Is Canceled

The show will be held virtually throughout the year starting November 1, 2020


Seven Challenges of Photographing Destination Weddings

Seven Challenges of Photographing Destination Weddings

Wedding photographer Javon Longieliere and wedding industry specialist Kristi Drago-Price share their experiences of shooting weddings around the world
An excerpt from ESSAY, Issue Four by Daniel Milnor.

The Enduring Nature Of Black-And-White Photography Books

Why in the 21st century are we still seeing black-and-white photography books?

Gear and Reviews

Key Photography Accessories

Photo essentials from tripods to cases and tech extras to help you up your game

Portable Strobes

Lightweight, powerful flash options for studio-quality light anywhere

Professional Cameras

A look at the latest cameras and technology trends for professional imaging

Choosing A Printer Or Print Lab

Desktop printers have never been better, and pro lab printing has never been easier


Modern Lighting Solutions

New technology has opened up portrait lighting possibilities

Travel Portrait Techniques

Follow these valuable tips when traveling abroad

Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile For Portraits And Candids

Make the most of the mobile version of Lightroom, connect with your subjects and make your potential clients see results in real time

Add Motion To Strobe-Lit Portraits By Dragging The Shutter

This slow-shutter-speed-with-flash technique adds a hint of motion and a lot of interest to portraits and fashion photographs

Portrait Lighting With LEDs

Tips for using constant LED lighting in studio as well as mixing it with natural light (indoors and out)

Lighting Separation Anxiety

Keep the reproduction of your images in mind when shooting stock—or any images—for successful sales